What makes your business unique? You do! When you understand your UHP® —Unique Human Proposition—you can attract the right customers and opportunities while addressing any fears you have around rejection.

Transitioning from a corporate role to starting out on your own is a daunting experience. In a senior corporate position, you may have been taught to conform to the values of the business.   While this is a respectable request, if the corporate business has values that don’t align with your own, it can create tension, anxiety, and even resentment. When you step out of that corporate shadow, you have the freedom to tap into your isms and unique skills.

What is UHP®?

Your Unique Human Proposition defines the strengths, values, and uniqueness of yourself and your team.

These are your greatest assets in sales, and establishing your personal brand using that uniqueness is the first step to success. People buy people, and when you understand what your UHP really looks like, you will provide an unparalleled sales experience to your customers.

But what does that mean? As a business owner, it’s imperative that you connect with your customers. Human connection is a powerful commodity in sales. It’s one of the most important things you have to establish relationships with your audience. The world is a noisy place with millions of voices all shouting in the same virtual space, and you must differentiate who you are and why you do what you do to stand out for the right reasons.

Once you understand your UHP and how to sell with your personal brand, you can look at the many ways that you have conversations with your ideal customers.

You need to make the most of those conversations and the importance of value and connection from listening and communicating. If we are scripted and not authentic, we will be seen as the same as everyone else, and so the human conversation has never been more important as part of your sales strategy.

The word ‘value’ often gets misunderstood. Exploring the many types of value and how to take your customers on the value journey that suits them and you is a pivotal part of understanding your UHP®.

How do you know what your UHP® is?

Here’s a statistic I love to share, although ironically, I’m using it to make the point that stories create a greater impact than statistics—stay with me!

63% of customers remember stories and only 5% remember statistics (source: Dan & Chip Health).

Your story is the key ingredient of your UHP®.

When you think about your own story, try asking yourself a few questions:

  • How are you showing up?
  • What do you want your message to be?
  • How do you help?
  • What values and strengths do you bring to the customers you don’t know yet?
  • What stories can you tell that are yours and back up all of the above?

When you tell your story, you need to demonstrate a challenge that your ideal customer can relate to. This will show empathy, understanding, and authority, and your customers will believe you will provide them with the solution they seek.

It’s important to show up as your authentic self, and to do that, you need to make sure your personality shines through. Your ideal customer will see through any mask.

Don’t compare yourself to other people you see, especially on social media. It’s not real! Remember your values and show up as your authentic self – bring your UHP®.

Tell your audience what you do and why you do it. Use the fire in your belly to help build a similar passion in your ideal customer. When your audience sees your determination and excitement, they will become your biggest cheerleaders.

Staying visible can be exhausting, but when you show up and share your authentic stories (YOU), you will begin to build a tribe of loyal customers.

How do you put your UHP® into practice?

If you’ve watched my TEDx talk, you will have heard me mention the business I took into Dragons’ Den – Truly Madly Baby.

Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones were bidding to invest in my business—a business that was only two months old and had no history or projections. When Duncan Bannatyne said they were ‘Truly Madly!’, he missed the reason behind their ambition to become part of the business.

That reason was me.

Dragons Den | Truly Madly Baby | Jules WhiteMy passion, my belief, my values, my strengths, my isms – the things that made me – me. That’s what they were investing in – my UHP®

What makes you YOU? What are your beliefs, values, strengths, and goals?

When you understand who you are at your core and can use your own stories to connect with your audience, it builds your confidence as an entrepreneur. The years you spent in the corporate world begin to fade into the distance as you embrace your true path.

Fear of rejection as a business owner can often stem from being a number in a company, a nameless face, or a commodity. When you embrace your isms, strengths, and passions, you become the face behind the brand and the reason your customers keep coming back for more. They see you as someone they can trust.

Are you ready to embrace your Unique Human Proposition for the good of your business?

  • It’s Time to Unlock Your Unique Human Proposition®
  • It’s time to flip your sales strategy on its head and stop applying out-of-date tactics.
  • It’s time to deliver an unparalleled experience that only you can offer.

By establishing the UHP of your business, you will have something that no one else will ever have, that will deliver an outstanding experience for your customer that can never be duplicated.

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