Do you struggle with any situation or activity where you need to talk and sell yourself? Does the thought of sales and selling leave you with sweaty palms and a strange sort of paralysis?

That’s how Eleanor Goold, Founder of Kreativ Copywriting and Podcast co-host of The Anti-Social Chat Show, described sales when she wrote the foreword for my book, Live It Love It Sell It.

Eleanor watched an episode of Dragons’ Den and couldn’t believe anyone would put themselves through the horror of standing up and selling themselves. Then she met me!

We hit it off straight away, and what she taught me in one short hour changed my life and has helped me ever since. It just seemed so natural. I was hooked with this new art of sales, which turned out to be the art of good conversation – in your language, to the people who like and are attracted to you. Who knew?” ~ Eleanor Goold.

Let’s change how we think about sales and selling

October is a special month for me as it’s the book birthday of Live It Love It Sell It. It amazes me how three years have passed since launching my methodology and book. What began as a way of helping anyone interested in making sales in a human, non-sleazy, non-pushy way has turned into amazing opportunities for me to be a guest speaker, attract influential podcast guests, and launch my Sales Academy.

It’s my mission to help people fall in love with sales, and my book is the perfect tool for anyone running a business who needs that connection.

What does the book provide?

When you have finished reading, you will understand that life skills are indeed sales skills. Everyone can sell. You will see that your power lies in your natural abilities and adjusting your mindset. Developing an understanding of why you do what you do is vital to your sales strategy, and my book will help you with this as well as tuning in to why your ideal client needs what you have to offer.

Selling will feel as natural as breathing.

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in sales, and my successful pitch on Dragons’ Den, where I won investment from Peter Jones for my business Truly Madly Baby, I poured everything I could into Live It Love It Sell It, and the results were heartwarming.

Look, I’ve been around the block a bit. 35 years in selling, been there, seen it and of course done it. Nay smashed it to use todays parlance as the whiff of the chase still creates a new business adrenalin rush. But you can teach old dogs new tricks and I for one have always believed that helping people is the best way to sell, forget aggressive closing techniques they never work. Jules embodies all that is right with the sales profession and communicates her thoughts and ideas with a passion and enthusiasm that is infectious and above all absolutely bang on.” Amazon reviewer.

I have been in sales for only a few years and I needed to learn more to grow my business. I connected with Jules’ methodology and I learnt so much from Live It, Love It, Sell It. For me selling in a human way is the only way and having this book to work through has been invaluable. I am a busy mum and business owner with little time to learn however having this book has helped me develop my sales strategy and I often refer back to it, in fact it’s a permanent fixture on my work space. Thank you Jules, very inspiring also – there is no such word as can’t!” Amazon reviewer.

Writing Live It Love It Sell It is my way of holding your hand and taking you on a journey, or rather a ‘sales road trip’. A wise man always told me, ‘There’s no such word as can’t.’ He was right, and that man was my wonderful dad. Through my book, I show you that there’s no such person as one who can’t sell.

Follow me now as I take you on a journey through the benefits of the Live It Love It Sell It book.

Live it

I chose to divide the Live It section of the book into three:

  • The Mind
  • The Body
  • The Soul

The Mind section helps you understand the mindset with which we approach selling. There’s so much information – and misinformation – that affects how we think about things. If I asked you to tell me what you feel when you hear the word ‘sales’, I bet most of it is negative. In truth, you’re looking at sales in the wrong light.

The Body section goes beyond the myths of sales and starts to look at what we do, as real people, when we buy and sell. This includes the language we use and how it impacts our personal and professional connections. It helps you step into your client’s shoes.

The Soul section touches on the little voice that stops you from being your true self. The negative inner chatter can derail you and the nagging doubts keep you from your full potential.

I love talking sales with entrepreneurs because it’s where sales is the most real, honest and authentic. Business owners have a great honesty about their products or services and a desire to sell in a human way.

In the book, I share stories from some of my amazing clients, including the motivation, or rather, the ‘why’ behind their business. These reflections show you how to sell in a human way where there is no need to push, convince, or persuade anyone to buy. It demonstrates how powerful it is to connect with your clients, build relationships, and offer solutions.

It is possible to be authentic when selling!

Love it

The Love It chapters are where you get more personal. It’s the place to uncover your ‘why’ and your core strengths and purpose. If you are running your own business, why are you running it? What’s the passion behind your drive?

There is no room in your sales road trip for doubt or even hesitation because the true answers will come to you in the moment – let them. Many entrepreneurs get their lightbulb moments when they connect to the heart of their own journey.

Getting deep into your why is what the Love It chapter is all about. The exercises and insight help you identify what you stand for, what you’re proud of, your values, and what makes sure the fire in your belly is fully stoked!

You’ll also discover how to move your ideal client from a place of pain to a place of pleasure. This is what I refer to as Hell to Heaven: You have to acknowledge the hell in order to sell!

I know from experience that my client’s pain point is not knowing where to start with sales, and feeling stressful because sales is the lifeblood of their business. This is Hell for my client. By understanding how your client will feel once you’ve helped them you can guide them to Heaven. There is a fabulous exercise you can use in the book to help you with this.

Sell it

The book’s final chapters are a celebration of your journey and a way to create your Sell It toolkit. Establishing a sales strategy puts you in control, and that’s what these chapters provide.

Going out into the world and being visible can be daunting, but with the right mindset and tools, you’ll be telling your story, connecting with your clients, and building lasting relationships in a heart-centred way.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I visible?
  • Am I curious?
  • Am I helping?

By revisiting these questions often, you can review your sales strategy to ensure it’s working for you and your business. Visibility is all about your social platforms, testimonials, and telling your story. Curiosity isn’t a technique – it’s an approach to life (life skills are sales skills!) – do you question and do you listen? Can you help your clients rather than revert to ‘closing a sale’. Remember, it’s all about building authentic relationships and using the right language.

What next?

If you can answer YES to the three questions above, you have created a fabulous sales road trip. However, if you still wish to explore your sales skills, understand yourself better, and create a whole new perspective of sales, why not join me in celebrating the book birthday of Live It Love It Sell It by grabbing yourself a copy.

Buy your copy of Live It Love It Sell It today.

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