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What you learn on the ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ sales road trip will stay with you forever and help make the sales process natural…effortless… and best of all… enjoyable!

I promise you will never look at sales in the same way again. Whether you choose to learn with my online course, through my book, in one of my fantastic workshops, or with the personal 1 to 1 coaching I offer, ‘Live it, Love it, Sell it’ takes you on an incredible odyssey of authentic personal transformation.

By the end of your sales road trip, you’ll be able to sell with your heart and soul without any fear or trepidation. You will come to see how your actual life skills and core values can become your strongest sales tools. And I will show you how.

Take the sales trip. Become the true you.

Business Breakthrough Session

90 mins session | £250

UHP – Unique Human Proposition® Programme

6 month business programme 

Sales Day Trip

A whole day with Jules | £1500

Live It, Love It, Sell It

Online Course | £79