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What you learn on the ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ sales road trip will stay with you forever and help make the sales process natural…effortless… and best of all… enjoyable!

I promise you will never look at sales in the same way again. Whether you choose to learn with my online course, through my book, in one of my fantastic workshops, or with the personal 1 to 1 coaching I offer, ‘Live it, Love it, Sell it’ takes you on an incredible odyssey of authentic personal transformation.

By the end of your sales road trip, you’ll be able to sell with your heart and soul without any fear or trepidation. You will come to see how your actual life skills and core values can become your strongest sales tools. And I will show you how.

Take the sales trip. Become the true you.

You are not alone

It’s lonely working as a solopreneur or even when you’re an entreprenurial leader who is building a team.

All the decisions are yours, and you have to wear all hats.  I know as I have been there whenever I have built my own businesses, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

My first business journey started in the Dragons’ Den when my son was just 5 months old…

what I learnt from there is brought to you in every bit of the work I do.

What I have learnt is that when you build an extended team around you of experts you learn quicker and your confiedence grows quicker which means you are now concentrating on what you do best and what you love.

When it comes to sales many of the people I work with feel fear and often don’t know where to start, and the fact is that today you have to start with you and build from there.

If you don’t believe in what you do how will your ideal customers believe in you and why will they want to buy what you offer?

Time to take action and the only question left to ask is…

Will this be one day or is this DAY ONE!

How can we work together?


Sales coaching with Jules White



A great place to start, the Live it Love it Sell it book. This Amazon Best Seller will take you on a sales road trip in your own time.

Always by your side guiding you.






Jules White has established a successful International award winning business, created her own trade marked sales methodology, is the Amazon best selling author and a award winning TEDx speaker. 


Do you have a burning challenge with sales?

The Express 30 session is designed to solve that issue in just 30 minutes.

Ready for a whilrlwind session to solve your sales


Let’s get down to business and get you the breakthrough you are looking for in this 90 minute intensive session.


The ‘Sales Day Trip’ is a new way for you to work with me in the form of a whole day together! Let’s just get it done, so get ready to work hard!


The full sales road trip, this is your bespoke sales coaching programme.

6 x 90 MIN sessions to help you fall in love with sales. 

Here’s what other business owners say about my sales road trip

Nick Smith

The Financial Navigator

Jules is simply fabulous. Genuinely awesome.

If you need help understanding your WHY. If you need help wrestling with decisions that are fundamental to who you are. If you need help with skills to show clients your true value. Then book a virtual cuppa to see how you work with Jules.

She’s super lovely too. Simples.

And she goes way above and beyond to help you.

Shelley Wilson –

Author and award winning blogger

I know about pain points, ideal clients, creating solutions, and value – or so I thought!

In 90-minutes, Jules has transformed the way I think and feel.

Her Business Breakthrough Session does what it says on the tin. Valuing myself, my time, and my skills have been a work in progress since before the dawn of time.

Jules was able to cut through my limiting BS and help me understand that ‘I’m great!’ and that what I do for my clients is pretty damn epic, AND how to work smarter using tried and tested techniques that not only make life easier, but also help me grow, evolve, and succeed.

If you’re looking for direction, compassionate coaching, and a way to value yourself, then I’d highly recommend you book yourself a few coaching sessions.


Richard Banyard – Op-tec Systems

Jules is a fantastic coach, approaching sales with energy and empathy.

A trusted acquaintance introduced me to Jules after hearing I was looking for help developing my messaging on LinkedIn. To say that working with Jules has been an inspiration is an understatement rather than an exaggeration!

She’s helped me feel more comfortable ‘selling’ and our work together has impacted all aspects of my company’s communications.