I’m highly biased because we’re on similar wavelengths, but Julie offers a human approach to sales that may be the best solution to what’s currently wrong with sales.

Garret Adkins
Amplero – Greater Seatle USA

Julie led the training of four groups of 20 students aged 14-15 in employability skills. This involved delivering two discrete activities: ‘Choose Me’, in which students rotated in 3-minute simulated job interviews, taking turns in the role of both interviewer and candidate; and ‘Move It’, in which teams for 5-6 students take roles in the team production of paper envelopes to a quality standard and tight deadline. In the process, Julie demonstrated her own strong skills of clear instruction, group management and encouragement of young people to perform to high work standards. She also showed a strong commitment to Worktree’s charitable cause, to develop the employability skills of young people in her community, by volunteering the whole day.

Bhupinder Roda
Events Co-ordinator at Worktree

I was first approached by Jules a couple of years ago when she asked if she could speak at one of my Woman Who events. I was cautious, I didn’t know her, was I willing to take the risk?

She’s a great sales woman so I booked her to speak.

Wow! She has amazing delivery style, great content and captivated the audience. I had no hesitation in booking her to speak again and recommending her to others. But that’s not all, Jules totally embraced my Woman Who women in business network and became a part of that community, inspiring so many others.

Jules is truly a lovely lady and so I had no hesitation in inviting her to share her story in my own publication ‘I Am A Woman Who’ published earlier this year. Jules definitely is a Woman Who Speaks.

Sandra Garlick 
Founder Woman Who

“Jules is just amazing! As soon as I met her, I felt like I’d known her forever. We connected on so many levels and I know we’ll keep in touch. In just one short intro call and one full session, I could feel the difference in myself. Jules made me realise so many things about me and has a knack of getting you to stand up and take accountability. She isn’t fluffy- she tells you it as it is, in the most endearing way- which let’s be honest, is what we all need!
When we spoke next I felt like, I had taken a much more positive path, and Jules has most definitely had a big impact on that. If you have the opportunity to work with Jules- go for it!”

Katie Colella
Katie Colella Social

   She absolutely delivers on her promise that she’ll help you fall in love with sales. I didn’t believe it was possible but she absolutely did! My 90 minute breakthrough session with her was ground breaking for me. She helped me unravel what sales is and reframed it in my mind allowing me to see all the skills I already have are exactly what I need. I felt she ‘got me’ immediately and really focused on ensuring I got value from every minute we had together. Reviewing the recorded footage I found even more value stuffed in there! Highly highly recommended, she really understands sales in today’s world and how to make you love it!

Rebecca Wilson
Founder and Business Operations Adviser – Valid Point

Jules is an astonishing person and a great asset for any organisation combining as she does a passion and energy for sales and a supportive, coaching approach to managing her team. From the moment you meet Jules you know she is a force to be reckoned with, determined to over deliver and just the most fun to be around. She can deliver sales but this would be an underutilisation of her keen, strategic mindset which is best leveraged heading up a sales team or teams.

Mark Cuschieri
Executive Director at UBS

I have been a fan of Jules’ TEDx talk for a while now, and I recently got the chance to chat with her on her podcast. Both as podcast host and TEDx speaker, Jules energy is electric, her smile is contagious, and her insights are tremendous. She was able to take my long-winded stories and anecdotes and simplify them to two or three points, as well as anybody else whom with I’ve ever interacted. I look forward to watching where this wonderful saleswoman, speaker, coach, and host does next, and I for sure know I will be following along!

Jordan Gross
Cloud Nine Living New York USA

The Advantia team began working with Jules in Oct 2020 but prior to meeting for the first time, I read Jules book called Live It Love It Sell It. As soon as I had read it I knew that Jules was the right person to come in and work with the team and I.
Jules doesn’t use jargon, is warm and friendly in her approach and has a really good knack of ensuring that everybody in her sessions feels equally engaged. As with all good coaches, Jules doesn’t give you answers, instead she will encourage you to think through and explore the possibilities as a team. I can’t emphasis enough how good Jules is at doing that.
We worked through the UHP® Programme with Jules over a 6 month period and I can honestly say that the team really looked forward to every one of them.
In summary I would say that prior to working with Jules, I had a great team of people at Advantia; now I have a brilliant team and Jules has to take a lot of the credit for that.
I would fully recommend a conversation with Jules and definitely encourage reading Live It Love It Sell It.

Steve Carter
MD – Advantia

“Jules worked with my McCue Sales Team for most of 2019, and helped them develop a more relationship based approach to driving sales and growth.

“We have seen a shift into how people work with customers and how they go after new business following on from her training. We had some great team Mastermind sessions, which really helped people get to the bottom of a challenge or problem and took knowledge from the whole team, and we had some fun with 2 Apprentice and Dragons Den style teambuilding events which build the team together.

“Our Retail division had recently seen a downturn but by the end of this year we will have achieved growth of 8%, the big wins have been down to re-building relationships with existing customers and has won us some amazing business.”

 Emma Panter
Group Managing Director

I was gifted in meeting such a genius in sales, who shares my passion working on human connection and selling with integrity! In taking part is Jules’ recent programme, I was faced with changing an old outdated sales tecnique that no longer fitted with my own business. I had fallen out of love with sales, due to targets and ego driven Corporates I had sold ‘my soul to’.

In that week, I found new alignment and upped my game. This lead me to change my strategy! This was such a game changer for me. With my own business concept waiting for approval for Dragons Den, I will be turning to this slayer for guidance to its success! 

Lucinda Harman
AXIM – South Africa

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Julie at Yell and have had business dealings with her since then, and I am never less than impressed by her passion and commitment to providing the best customer service possible. Julie’s drive for continuous improvement and her desire to maintain her high standards of professionalism results in excellent results for herself, her company and her clients. She is able to bring a creative flair to whichever role she takes on and has the ability to inspire those around her to follow her lead. Julie is a shining example of what can be achieved in business with skill, hard work and dedication.

Michael Schofield
Leadership and Executive Coach

Since reading Jules’ book my life has changed direction. I subsequently did a Sales Day Trip with her where we developed my business idea and my program Connect • Clarify • Create was born. She has been an inspiration to me!   Jules has a positive, compassionate and fun, yet professional, approach.  I would highly recommend her – she is a joy to work with.  Although Sales is her thing she is generous with all of her vast knowledge and experience of business and life. I feel honoured to work with Jules.
Jean Fleming
Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Jules ‘The Dragon Slayer’ White is a skilled and passionate sales professional with a unique approach that combines a human touch with a strategic mindset. I’ve witnessed and enjoyed her coaching style that inspired our team to achieve excellent results. Her drive for continuous improvement and high standards of customer service make her an asset to any organization.

Antoine Metivier
Founder  and Director – TJS Ready

If you are a looking for a Sales Coach that can teach you how to sell from the heart… your search is over. Jules White is an absolute master at how to sell without selling. With her brilliant and gentle teaching style I have learned that sales is not about being pushy and sleazy. Instead, Jules taught me that sales is is all about having a human conversation.❤️

I am a huge fan of Jules White. I highly recommend her lovely book, “Live It, Love It, Sell It” which I gave a 5 star review on Amazon. I am a subscriber of her engaging podcast “The Human Conversation”. I have seen her in action when she ran her fabulous monthly membership group the “High Street: Sales Academy.”

Gillian Whitney
LinkedIn Live Specialist