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Season 2 coming soon…


Season 2 will be coming soon..

I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘pandemic’ season of webinars and thank you to all of you who attended. What a great audience you were.

I will make more webinars later in the year so watch out for information on those.

For now enjoy the replays and see you all soon. 

Here is my first webinar ‘Discovering your Bouncebackability’



The landscape of sales just got exciting

Great news! – Sales has changed

Are you going to lead the right way?

After the pandemic I believe that sales will never be the same and I am delighted. We have woken up to the way that sales should always have been done, and I am thrilled to present this webinar to help you to lead the way into this exciting new landscape. 

Sales is no longer all about you, your revenue, your targets and your priorities. More and more we are waking up to the fact that it is ALL about the customer and when we get strategy, motivation, and education right we will see great results, happy and understood customers, and revenue reflecting these priorities. 

You see business is about revenue, yes of course it is, but revenue comes from people – and people are human. 

The landscape of sales just got really exciting – join me to see how you can be part of it. 

Replay webinars in series 1…

Why stories sell


Are you using stories when you sell?

Would you like to ensure you connect through stories?

Storytelling in sales is one of the most natural and powerful skills you have.

Not only have you experienced stories all of your life, you subconsciously connect to them and they are the gateway to trust, and like-ability.

This webinar is all about the different types of stories and when to use which stories.

Not only will you be more aware of how to use storytelling to your advantage but this session also helps you to build your personal brand.

No-one has your stories…on the planet!

Selling in a pandemic


Actually so much of the ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ methodology suits what we are going through now. There are no pushy, icky sales tactics. There are certainly no tricks and time scales to panic people into buying.

This webinar will look at how we can use empathy and understanding to build trust and relationships in a time where people are worried, scared, and feeling quite lost.

No-one know what the future holds, but we do that life goes on – it just may look a little different.

I’m looking forward to showing you hope and patience in this seminar and both will put you ahead of the crowd.

The secret to sales is…


Let’s face it, without sales you don’t have a business. It’s like oxygen is to humans.

Traditional sales strategies and tactics haven’t really worked for some time – Why? Because the buyer is now KING!

They are far more informed than they’ve ever been, and they are up to 70% of their way through the buying journey before they even want to speak to a sales person – if at all!

So in this sales webinar I take you on the sales road trip to show you that there are actually no secrets to how you sell. 

You will leave the webinar with 3 key things to help you see that every one of you can sell and enjoy it!

Imagine that…

Let’s get started on this series with the very best place to start. 

Are you fit to travel the sales road trip?

Ready to join me – book your seat below!

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