Podcast Guest Interviews

Delighted to share the podcasts and events I have appeared on as a guest.

It’s lovely being on the other side of the fence and sitting in the hot seat!

There is a mix of stories you’ll hear from my career path to my Dragons’ Den story.

Some are more focused on ‘Bouncebackability’ and others are all about sales – my chosen subject!

Whichever you choose to listen to make you sure you do it with a cuppa and I hope you enjoy!

Jules x


Techstory podcast with Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson combines two of his passions. Storytelling and Technology. Some episodes he will interview great storytellers and learn their secrets. Other episodes he’ll talk technology and storytelling techniques. The backstory, the good, the bad, the scary but always mixed with fun and laughs. I was honoured to be a guest with him and we had a wonderful chat about storytelling in sales.

The Afro Ndiritu Podcast

Jules White is an award winning international sales consultant with over 30 years of business and sales experience. 
She also secured investment from Peter Jones in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, which is the ultimate pitch to win!
Her passion and mission is to bring a new outlook and perception to sales in the modern business age we live in, which will help you to truly be unique.

Her ‘Live it, Love it, Sell it®’ entrepreneur programme is also a book, and now the creation of UHP – Unique Human Proposition® takes it up a gear to deliver this effective methodology to the corporate market too.

Jules’ ultimate aim is to make sure you create an unparalleled sales experience for all of your customers through you and your unique people

So pleased I did it!


In the ‘So Pleased I Did It!’ Podcast, Jean Fleming, Empowerment and Leadership Coach, interviews women who inspire other women, through the changes they have made in their life.

In the interviews you will hear what motivated the guests to make the change, the challenges they faced along the way, what they learnt and how they feel about the change now.

In this episode Dragon’s Den, TedX Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and business owner Jules White tells us her story of growing a business, losing the business, and starting all over again.

INSIDE Inside Sales with Darryl Praill

You can sell so much more when you connect to your clients on a human level. 
This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by Live it, Love it, Sell it‘s sales and business consultant extraordinaire, Jules White. Darryl and Jules discuss how you can leverage your unique human proposition to not only make more sales but also create a trusted relationship with your prospects that will see them continue to give you their business for years to come.

They also share tips and advice on how using empathy, simply listening, and giving yourself permission to go off-script can help you to both control the conversation and let your clients add value. Unlock the secrets to greater success through your unique human proposition on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

Beauty and the Business Beast with Debbie Lewis 

Bringing you the best of business education and support for the beauty and hair industry ✨


I have a great connection with the Hair Beauty industry following my keynote talk at the Fantastic Hairdresser event 2019

Future Proff Yourself with David Yeabsley 

My name is David Yeabsley, I am a full-time trainer dedicated to future proofing individuals in their careers and developing professionals within the modern workplace. My aims are to maximize people’s potential and help develop their skills.

Jules talks to us about her career and her experiences along the way. She started out as an accountant and moved into sales a few years later. After gaining some valuable real-world experience and thriving as a sales person, she decided to start a family and at the same time, her own business.  Jules goes into detail about how she went onto Dragons’ Den and grew her business. This part of her career she found very interesting, she enjoyed the entrepreneurship but unfortunately lost everything. She went back into sales and started again from the ground up, now focusing her time on training and mentoring in the sales industry. 

Addicted to growth with Travis King & Kevin Mulrane

Travis and Kevin talk with Chief Inspiration Officer, Jules White of Live IT, Love it, Sell It, about how to find your UHP, why your team needs a mindset coach right now to support mental health, a formula for Bound-Back-Ability, and more.

On The Block with Richard Stone

Around 40 years ago, Richard Stone first set foot in a trench with his brother to help his dad with a footing. When it was dug, a real sense of team achievement was ingrained in Richard and remains a part of the core business approach to this day.  Today he runs a fantastic residential block management business. 

And he also loves people, part of the reason why he’s so successful. His podcast is all about people and conversation – I love being a guest.  

The Keeping it Business podcast with Adam Payne.

Hosted by entrepreneur, multiple small business owner, business growth coach and mentor, Adam Payne. 

Listen to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that have experienced the highs & lows, challenges, and inevitable setbacks in creating a successful business and life. 
A mix of unscripted and unedited interviews of small business owners covering all sectors and industries, the unique content and thoughts regarding the latest innovations, business strategies and marketing techniques to help you build a stronger more profitable business.
Loved chatting to Adam about my Dragons’ Den journey and my business and life journey too!

Confessions of a Serial Seller

Tony Morris interviews top sales performers around the world, to understand what they do differently.

Jules and I talk about what it takes to be a top sales performer in today’s world of sales.

She appeared on Dragons Den and won an investment from Peter Jones. She is an entrepreneur, sales speaker, author and owner of Live it, Love it, Sell it; her sales training company.

Surf & Sales podcast

With the brilliant Sott Leese and Richard Harris all the way in the US.

These guys do sales!

#BusinessContinues Virtual Roundtable! – 

Selling in a Scary World.

Delighted to be a guest with Connor Slasberg on his Business Continues Virtual Roundtables series. Welcome to the #BusinessContinues Virtual Roundtable! A weekly look at the positives in our lives and businesses.

Our guests today share their experience over recent weeks and how it’s affected their sales journeys.

Guests for this session are Jules White, Simon Portwain, Scott Jones and Frazer Arnott.

It starts with YOU! with Sam Adams

Being in control of your life can be one of the most rewarding things.

Sam Adams along with some amazing guests will take you through their experiences with life’s struggles, successes and ultimately how they gained the mindset to ensure life’s decisions starts and ends with them.

This podcast will give you valuable insight and action steps from successful people of all walks of life.

Whether it’s to help you gain control, jump over that final hurdle to success or create the life you desire.

In this podcast chat I talk with Dragon’s Den Slayer Jules White.   Jules was in the 2nd series of Dragons Den and won investment from Peter Jones.   She has now gone on to form her brand Live it, Love it, Sell it as well as writing a book of the same name she is also now an international speaker.

Connect the Dots Podcast

Lovely to chat with Vicki O’Neill on her podcast Connect the dots – her take aways from the podcast interview were as follows:-


My 3 take aways from my conversation with Jules:

  1. The Live It. Love It. Sell It. methodology is based on human connections. If you’re looking for a place to start loving sales, start with how to create connections with your clients and customers. 

  2. When you incorporate storytelling into your conversations with clients, you are creating a human connection with something familiar to them, about an experience which helps connect the dots in the marketing and sales process.

  3. Be yourself. It’s the easiest and most reliable thing you can be whether you’re in sales, marketing or any other specialty.

The Only One Business Show with James Nathan

James chats with Jules White about business, sales and her inspirational journey from Dragons’ Den winner to International Sales Coach working globally with entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporates. As an International Sales Coach, her Live it Love it Sell it methodology is all about the human conversation and connection – not the typical pushy sleazy sales image that has not quite left us all and still haunts some of us! Her story is inspiring and she leaves the audience feeling empowered and ready to make a difference in whatever they are doing.

Make it Real Podcast with Tricia Lewis

Jules White – TedX speaker and author of Live it Love it Sell it reminds us of two things – and more! Firstly – we have choices. Secondly – sales is not a thing to fear, it is something we can learn to love if we reframe it into ‘them wanting’ rather than ‘us pushing’! Lovely conversation encompassing the highs and lows of Jules’s journey and her very real insights to help stop your fear of selling.

Yes to Entrepreneurship with Ed Troxall

In this episode, we talk about how one product, specifically a book that wasn’t even part of the original plan, can take your business to the next level – from one on one consulting to speaking to working with larger companies building out a sales road map that works. Join us for this “sales road trip” with Jules.

12 min convo with Engel Jones 

Great interview with Engel Jones in his #12minconvo format. Check out his channel here and look at the wonderful work he is doing.

Virtual cuppa with Christina Imre

Cristina Imre is a Mindset Expert & Business Strategy Consultant and we met on LinkedIn. We had a virtual cuppa just to further our connection and she has made this lovely video which captured one of those magical moments

Now is Your Time – Life Lessons Podcast

with Donna & Cheryl

Jules is an author, a mother, a business woman and was one of the people to walk away with the Dragons in the Den saying, “Yes”!  With a newborn baby, Jules had the world at her feet then things started to unravel, leaving Jules with painful decisions to make…

Virtual cuppa with Gillian Whitney

A lovely virtual cuppa with the fabulous Gillian Whitney all the way from Israel. 

This was the moment she asked me how I came to get my TEDx talk… Hope you enjoy!

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