The UHP Experience

Online Group Sessions 

What’s in it for your sales team?

  • Keeping the connection with your team
  • Ongoing learning whilst working remotely
  • Shared team experience
  • Intimate sessions – 6 seats maximum
  • 8 x 90 min online group sessions
  • Sales strategy focused on our current climate
  • Recordings of each session
  • Slide deck of training slides
  • Live online coaching support
  • Individual sessions available

Here are the 8 sessions available:

The UHP® Experience – Online group programme

Let’s face it. Businesses run on sales. Sales are their oxygen.

So it can be a real challenge when your sales strategies and tactics, the ones that always used to work well, are challenged at this unprecedented time.

Teams working remotely who may have always thrived in office and team environments are now demotivated, feeling under pressure and potentially stressed.

Right now it is critical to bring your team together on a regular basis and what better way than to combine this with learning and coaching.

The UHP® Experience brings together the very best elements from the full programme into bite sized online group sessions and looks at key areas of focus for you and your team.

Practical, interactive and also enjoyable, these sessions will unlock potential, ignite motivation and allow honesty and progress to thrive in our intimate sessions catering for ever person in the room. 6 maximum in each session.

You can choose all 8 sessions to get the maximum benefit from this ground breaking sales programme, or choose the individual sessions that you feel will provide a benefit and advantage to your team during this lockdown period.

Ready to start when you are and if you want to a virtual chat to ask any final questions then please do book your date below. 

Let’s get started on creating your Unique Human Proposition® 

Here are the 8 sessions available:

Sales Mindset 

Mindset is huge when it comes to life, let alone sales! When mindset is right sales can flow and you can show your customer your confidence, expertise and build the trust that is so important in today’s business relationships.

In this session we cover what can disrupt your mindset and give you tools to keep your mindset and motivation regularly in check and on top form. The perfect place to start, and right now a critical factor to help your team to work through these challenging times.

Unique Human Proposition®

This session looks at the individuals in the team and defines their strengths, values and uniqueness.

These are the greatest assets we have in sales and this session starts to look at how we then use that uniqueness to establish our personal brand. People buy people, and when you understand what your UHP really looks like you will provide an unparalleled sales experience to your customers.

The Buyer’s Journey

How much do we really know about our buyers? How much do we assume? In this interactive session we will explore the complete journey of the buyer and how we can travel alongside them on that journey.

The buyer is king and the old school sales strategies just do not work today; so you will discover how not only can you be far more effective with knowledge about your buyer, but it is also a much more enjoyable journey than you may have realised.

What’s your value?

Value is a much used word today and often misunderstood! So let’s dive into the real meaning of value in this ‘valuable’ session! We look at the many types of value and also how to take your customers on the value journey that suits them as well as you.

Value is a two way relationship and this takes skill and knowledge to build. One of my favourite subjects and if you have this one mastered you will never look back.

The Human Conversation 

The human connection in sales is one of the most important things we now have to establish relationships with our customers. It’s very noisy out there and you have to differentiate who you are and why you do what you do. Once you understand your UHP and how to sell with your personal brand, we look at the many ways that we have conversations, especially today, and some you may not have thought of.

You’ll learn how to make the most of those conversations and the importance of value and connection from conversations. If we are scripted and not authentic we will be seen as the same as everyone else, and so the human conversation has never been more important as part of your sales strategy. 

Get visible

If you are not visible then people do not know about you…obvious I know, but this session isn’t just about getting visible, it is about where and how to get visible and do it with the greatest impact and authenticity.

Now is absolutely the time to be visible rather than stop and wait. People will remember you if you are creating content and messages that are regular, consistent and relevant and they will connect when the time is right; so let’s see how you can show up at your best.

Keeping focus and managing your day

This session is specially created for the new ‘working from home’ time we are currently in. Whilst it may sound like it should be quite straight forward there are many challenges it brings. You may have children, animals, and many other distractions and of course your working environment won’t be your usual set up either.

This session shows you practical and mindset tools to manage how you focus and ensure that you are productive in every way, whilst taking care of ‘you’ too.

Virtual Meetings

Just like face to face meetings aren’t they? Well, actually no they’re not!

Some of you may well be experiencing the difference already and this session will give you top tips and things to consider when creating those meetings for both teams and with your prospects and clients.


Creating an Unparalleled Sales Experience

An extended session full of rich content that brings together all that UHP stands for. This is to ensure that you finish the UHP experience sessions with a full sales strategy going forward for your team. We take all of the work we have done and bring it to a conclusion – ready to move forward to deliver an unparalleled sales experience to your audience.

Only available if all sessions bought

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