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Small Business Sales – Simplified

Our High Street themed membership


Are you looking to improve sales in your small business?

  • Are you looking to grow your business
  • Are you looking for a supportive community of like minded business owners?
  • Are you looking for sound professional sales advice?
  • Are you looking to put a sales plan in place?
  • Looking to put a business growth plan in place
  • You know you need to do things differently but don’t know what

The truth is without sales you have no business. This can be overwhelming and actually create a barrier between you and your potential clients.

Fortunately with ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ you will discover that it doesn’t have to be this way

Our unique Sales Academy is the answer to all these questions and more.

“ Sales was always a cold, unwelcoming term to me…

“Encompassing conversations trying to persuade an unsuspecting individual that they needed my service. The Sales Academy has been a real eye opener for me. I’m learning to love sales, I’m learning that sales is all about me and my love and passion for what I do. The content, lessons, lives and totally supportive community is worth every penny. Thank you Jules!”

Andrea Rainsford

Meet the face behind the brand

Jules White – Award Winning International Sales Coach

Helping you fall in love with sales

I help passionate entrepreneurs and businesses get clarity on their ‘why’ and learn how to sell in an authentic human way that creates amazing results without the need for pushy sales techniques or any questionable tactics.

I understand that the very idea of selling can be difficult for some, and that fear, assumptions and mindset can all get in the way.

That’s why with what I teach you, which is the art of human selling, you will realise you already possess everything you need.

You see the truth is that we are all, in fact, natural born sellers.

How can we work together?


Sales coaching with Jules White



A great place to start, the Live it Love it Sell it book. Let me take you on a sales road trip in your own time. Always by your side guiding you.


Connect . Learn . Belong

The sales academy is full of value so come and take a walk down the High Street in the themed membership.


Let’s get down to business and get you the breakthrough you are looking for in this 90 minute intenseive session.


The full sales road trip, this is your bespoke sales coaching programme. We start with you and help you to fall in love with sales.

How about a cost effective way to be part of a community, learn about sales and feel fully supported as a business owner?

This exciting new membership is created around a high street theme. Every shop is a place to…

Connect – Learn – Belong

The Live it Love it Sell it Sales Academy is a membership with a difference…

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I promise you will never look at sales in the same way again.

Let me take you on an amazing odyssey of discovery. A journey that will help you truly connect with your ideal clients in an authentic and meaningful way. A road trip to reach the sales results destination you want, should have and rightly deserve!

Andrea RainsfordSEO Angel

I was very fortunate to have a 1:1 coaching call with Jules. Recent events have floored many people and businesses. I was one of the many.

We had a 90 minute call. I completed an in depth questionnaire before the call, so Jules understood my needs before we began. The call was extraordinary, why?

Jules knew how I was feeling, she knew how to lift me, to assure me it’s ok to have concerns, that there are things I can do to increase my sales.

I have since implemented Jules advice. We set a goal of 2 product sales per week. 4 in 2 weeks so things are going incredibly well!

Thank you Jules for your advice, experience and for just being a beautiful soul!


Richard Stone, CEO Stone Contracts

I was so impressed with Jules professionalism and approach that I have since recommended her to 6 other connections who have seen simar benefits to me, which are;

Much greater conversion from prospect to lead and ultimately sale, by having deeper, richer conversations with clients.

Far better understanding of what our service means to my clients

Far greater appreciation of the emotional investment clients make with us

The work was so successful that we now have 10 new clients we most likely wouldn’t of had.


Rory BrazilBrazil Financial

I worked with Jules over a number of sessions on developing my UHP – Unique Human Proposition®

Jules coached me in key areas such as story-telling, the value ladder, the client journey, websites, social media, being myself and confidence.

Jules is the ultimate professional and is organised, focused and thorough in everything that she delivers.

I would say that her UHP is that she really cares and wants to help out so much. She clearly loves what she does and this shines through at all times.

I would highly recommend Jules if you are considering personal and/or business development.



Helping you to fall in LOVE with Sales

The Live it Love it Sell it Sales Road Trip…

…what’s it all about?

  • How your own life skills make you a natural born seller
  • How to eradicate the fear of selling
  • Exercises for discovering your strengths and using them to build the sales relationship
  • How to understand your real value and what value means for your client
  • How to connect with your ideal client in an authentic and empathetic way
  • Why the ‘Sales Road Trip’ journey is so important to your business success
  • How to enter a business conversation with confidence and be 100% comfortable
  • How to get the results you want and genuinely deserve
  • A unique sales strategy that works specifically for your personality
  • Plus lots more invaluable information and handy tips!

Slaying the big bad monster sales myth and bringing the magic back to your business!