Business Breakthrough Session

It’s time for you to fall in love with sales

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

  • Maybe you’re just starting out in sales and lacking direction and clarity?
  • Or you’ve been in business a while but still not making the progress you desire?
  • Perhaps the idea of selling paralyses you with fear and stops you moving forward?
  • Or maybe you simply need a big ‘sales’ confidence boost to blast away some old emotional blocks holding you back?

Hi, I’m Jules White!

I understand that the very idea of selling can be challenging for some, and that fear, assumptions and mindset can all get in the way when it comes to our business.

I help entrepreneurs get clarity on their ‘why’ and sell in a human-centric way to gain confidence and fulfilment.

That’s why I have developed a 90-Minute Breakthrough Session which is designed to help you get absolute clarity on who you are and what you bring to the world, as well as help you move forward with purpose in your business.

In this session I help you better define your sales message, your audience and your differentiator – the unique value you, and only you bring to the world.

During the session, I ask powerful questions designed to reveal the blocks that have been holding you back.

Following this 90-minute session not only will you leave feeling refreshed and with a new perspective, but you will feel empowered to take action.

Here’s what Rebecca Wilson thought

This work is so amazing and real breakthroughs happen as you can see.

You’ll be able to focus on what you stand for and why you need to share it with the world.

  • You’ll realise your strengths and the unique value you give to your clients
  • You’ll be able to dispel any self-doubt and move forward with confidence
  • You’ll uncover the key factors to drive your business forward
  • You’ll come to the wonderfully powerful realisation that you can actually SELL!
  • You’ll realise you already possess everything you need
  • I help you understand that life skills are in fact sales skills.

In short, I help you fall in love with sales.

Here’s what Vivienne Joy thought

This work is so amazing and real breakthroughs happen as you can see.

Your Breakthrough Session will take you to a point of action where you feel empowered and confident. It will be the catalyst that propels your business forward.

All calls are conducted over Zoom so we can work together anywhere in the world.

Here’s what other people are saying about the Breakthrough Session:

‘Jules helped give me oodles of confidence and a new found ability to rock my sales with integrity, so I can authentically attract the clients who need what I have to offer.’

‘I had such a breakthrough on a personal level, due to her humanness and coaching style. I got way more than what I wanted from it; it went far beyond that and I got exactly what I needed.’

I have been in business for a while, is this for me?

It’s great to review where you are at now and see whether you are really achieving your desired goals. If you are, what’s the next step and if you’re not then let’s look at why not. I want you to fall in love with sales (and your business), and this session will help you to do just that.

IMPORTANT: To make the most of this call, it really helps if you are committed to change.

How will a sales breakthrough call help my business?

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, you don’t have a business. A thriving sales ethos is integral to any successful business.

How are the sessions conducted?

All sessions are conducted over Zoom video call so I can work easily and closely with you wherever you are in the world.

Is 90 minutes enough time?

You would be surprised how much ground we can cover in 90 minutes. The impact of these sessions will really change your outlook and motivate you to start moving forward in the direction you want to go with confidence.

What’s the investment?

The breakthrough call is just £250.  That’s incredible value to help you get the clarity you need to boost your business and learn to fall in love with sales.

How do I pay?

Click on the Book Now button and everything is taken care of from there.

Online payment, booking the date and your questionnaire!

Schedule your breakthrough call today!

Why work with me?

My own sales journey started early in life. My father ran the local newsagents so, from a young age, I watched him dutifully assist his customers. He served the community beautifully, and in turn, his customers were loyal.

For my dad, it was always about the customer. He understood their world. And it is from here that I fell in love with the art of sales.

What I learnt from my dad during my childhood became second nature to me, so being authentic in my dealing with other people was all I ever knew how to do.

Since then not only have I gained 30 plus years of experience in business and sold everything from baby products and stainless steel to Yellow Pages. But I’ve also secured investment from Peter Jones in the BBC’s  Dragons’ Den when I faced the dragons head on and walked away smiling with a winning deal!

I have also authored a best-selling book detailing my own sales methodology; Live it, Love it, Sell it, I am a professional international sales coach and speaker with my own TEDx talk.

I am here to help you connect with your ideal clients in an empathetic and authentic way. A human way of selling that gets results without the pushy sales techniques.

It’s time to up your game with coaching from a real Dragon Slayer.</b >

You will never look at sales the same way again.

Book your 90-MINUTE BREAKTHROUGH CALL for just £250

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