Unlock Your Unique Human Proposition® (UHP)

Discover how to strengthen, bond and deliver an unparalleled sales experience!

Let’s face it. Businesses run on sales. Sales are their oxygen.

So it can be a real challenge when your sales strategies and tactics, the ones that always used to work well, start to return lacklustre results at best.

It is even more concerning when your sales team get demotivated, feel under pressure and become stressed.

Unfortunately, these are all tell tale signs that you have an outdated sales strategy in place, one that is stuck in the old paradigm and is no longer effective in today’s ultra-competitive, value-driven and fast-paced business environment. 

You see, today’s consumers are much better informed, have more choices and are smarter than they’ve ever been before. 

It’s a buyer’s journey now. The old methods no longer make the grade.

What’s more, it’s getting harder than ever to stand out above all the noise.

So what’s going on, and more importantly, what can you do?

“Jules worked with my McCue Sales Team for most of 2019, and helped them develop a more relationship based approach to driving sales and growth.

“We have seen a shift into how people work with customers and how they go after new business following on from her training. We had some great team Mastermind sessions, which really helped people get to the bottom of a challenge or problem and took knowledge from the whole team, and we had some fun with 2 Apprentice and Dragons Den style teambuilding events which build the team together.

“Our Retail division had recently seen a downturn but by the end of this year we will have achieved growth of 8%, the big wins have been down to re-building relationships with existing customers and has won us some amazing business.”

Emma Panter
Managing Director

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The Salesperson Is

No Longer King

Gone are the days when the salesperson was KING.

The world, the routes to market and the mechanisms to deliver solutions have all radically changed. And so has the buyer! They are now far better educated and, in many cases, up to 60% further along the buying journey before you even get a chance to speak.

That’s why nowadays the sales journey has to be the buyer’s journey, not your journey – it has to be at their pace.

Traditional sales methods have always been focused on results, processes, being in control and ‘steps’ of the sale to the ultimate close – which were all in the hands of the salesperson, not the buyer.

The knock-on effect was that most people never really enjoyed being sold to because they felt no emotional benefit.

Sales models were sterile and results-driven and looked something like this:

  • Revenue – required to run the business
  • Targets – in place so your sales team knew exactly what they needed to hit
  • Strategy – typically covering ideal customer, territory, business sector etc.
  • Tactics – volume of activity required to meet targets; often just a numbers game

In my 30 plus year sales career, I have seen this model play out over and over again. Yet I always instinctively knew there was an important element missing.

The light bulb moment came after I inherited a sales team who were £2 million short on a £6 million target.

This was their sales model:

  • Revenue – down by £2 million
  • Targets – team demotivated, under pressure and super stressed
  • Strategy – just sell more
  • Tactics – desperate, ineffective and uninspired

But within 18 months I turned this around, and we ended up fabulously £180k over our target.


We achieved outstanding results because we did the right thing rather than just focusing
on number crunching and processes.

In short, we added a human, emotional element aka the UHP.

We flipped the strategy.

You see, as counter-intuitive as it might seem at first, organisations that only focus on results, without taking into account their customer and their UHP – Unique Human Proposition® – will inevitably struggle.

It’s time to put the focus back to where it should be – the customer.

The time to take action is now.

Your UHP – Unique Human Proposition®

You might not be aware of this yet, but you already have the most powerful differentiator in your sales arsenal. You can use it to maximum effect, and it will never be challenged, copied or go out of style.

Simply put, it’s your people. Your UHP – Unique Human Proposition®.

We are all absolutely unique, so it goes without saying that your people are the biggest selling proposition you have.

Think about it; no-one else in the world has your sales team!

That’s mind-blowing when you realise how truly unique you can make the buyer’s experience.

That’s what UHP – Unique Human Proposition® is all about. The human connection. 

This is a proven methodology that has seen success time and time again because it focuses on people. People buy from people, because, even in the most complex buying situations, you are still dealing with a living, breathing person.

You see, while the buyer’s journey has changed, what hasn’t changed is the fact we are still human, which means we have an emotional element to our buying decisions, and more than ever we desire that human connection.

The UHP – Unique Human Proposition® programme, has been developed from over 30 remarkable years of wide-ranging sales experience.

This is not just a sales process but a big-picture strategy that gives you the emotional glue that holds your transactional sales process together and makes it completely unique.

Today your business doesn’t just need structure and processes; more than ever, it has to be utterly outstanding and unique.

This programme will ensure that no other business could ever show up like you do because no other business has your people.

The 6 month UHP programme takes you through 7 key deliverables:


Deliverable 1

Sales mindset and company WHY


Deliverable 2

Identifying your ideal client and their WHY

Deliverable 3

The value journey and productisation

Deliverable 4

Storytelling and connection to strategy

Deliverable 5

Collaboration in sales

Deliverable 6

Presenting solutions with value

Deliverable 7

Consistent sales strategy while nurturing ongoing relationships

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It’s Time To Unlock Your Unique Human Proposition®

It’s time to flip your sales strategy on its head and stop applying out of date tactics.

It’s time to deliver an unparalleled experience that only you and your unique team can offer.

By establishing the UHP of both your business and your people, you will have something that no-one else will ever have, that will deliver an outstanding experience for your buyer that can never be duplicated.

Are you ready to deliver an unparalleled sales experience to your customers?

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