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Our brand new refurbished High Street themed Sales Academy is now open.

Come and join the best community of

like minded entrepreneurs for just 

£47 / month 

…are you ready to be part of a unique sales membership? 


Your Sales Academy journey starts here…

STEP 1 – The link below brings you to the brand new refurbished Sales Academy 

STEP 2 – Click on your chosen plan at the bottom of the page 

STEP 3 – Complete your application.

STEP 4 – Become part of our High Street Community


Take a ‘walk down the High Street’ with me where

we explore the new look Sales Academy.


Your very own community High Street

  • Sweet Shop – Pick ‘n’ Mix your sales lessons
  • Box Office – Live events to inspire you
  • The Library – Our very own collection of blogs
  • Music Shop – Listen to the tunes behind the brand
  • The Coffee Shop – The central meeting place!
  • The Knowledge Hut – Replays of live events
  • The Bank – Your very own rewards bank account

The story behind our ‘High Street’ themed membership

Your Community High Street

Community is all about belonging

When I was growing up I spent many days in my Dad’s newsagent shop. We lived above the shop on the local shopping parade where everyone did their shopping. My Dad was John, and everyone knew John, and John knew everyone too!

Back then life revolved around community, and to us as humans we are happiest when we have a sense of belonging.

When I eventually designed my membership, I knew the theme would have to centre around the place where I first fell in love with sales. Watching my Dad serve all of his customers in the shop.

So welcome to your High Street community. Every part of this community is about connection, learning and belonging. I set the scene with shops to represent every part of the value you will get being part of this community.

Check out below the shops we have in the Sales Academy  and I can’t wait for you to start enjoying your shopping trip with me.

See you at the shops!

Jules x

More about our shops here…

Welcome to your community High Street

 Surely the most important shop on the parade!

Here is where you learn because learning is a treat! The brand new ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ help yourself gives you a wealth of videos and PDF downloads to help you to fall in love with sales.

Add this resource to our regular monthly lives you will find that Live it Love it Sell it becomes a lifestyle in your every day business life.

This is the sweetest way to learn ❤️

 Every community needs live events and so we need a Box Office.

Here you can book your seat on any one of our weekly live events and as long as you book you will always have a chance to see the replay.

There will be a live event every week and more details are in the taste of the high street download – you can get this on any of the buttons on this page when you register your interest. 

Your street food of the High Street when you’re hungry to learn!

No need to worry if you ever miss our live events. In our knowledge hut you can get replays of our live events, plus some of the best podcast episodes and replays of my webinars too.

 What would life be without music! Just a perfect addition to share the music behind the brand – all composed by Sam White.

Keeping it in the family with my music collaboration – Sam White is my son!

The coffee shop is where everyone comes together to network, meet, chat, and so here you can ask for help, make suggestions, and generally find out more about your community.

Your High Street wouldn’t be complete without a coffee shop.

 You may be wondering how a bank can play a part in our community high street, but here is what I believe is a central part of what community is all about.

Creating loyalty and rewarding you when engaging and learning on our high street.

Another collaboration with reward provider Incentivesmart and as a member you have a shiny new rewards account at the bank. Our scheme is called the ‘Love it’ reward scheme.

Are you ready to join your very own high street community?