Sales Day Trip

It’s intense but this day will change how you do business.

The ‘Sales Day Trip’ is a new way for you to work with me in the form of a whole day together! Let’s just get it done, so get ready to work hard!

Working with me is a unique experience and now you can enjoy this very exciting sales opportunity to really get to the bottom of not just your sales but your whole business sales strategy.

We can cover lots of things in a day and it will truly be life changing for anyone who just doesn’t like, or know how to sell.

Sales is human, and you are unique. That’s exactly how I will work with you and we will absolutely get the very best out of your existing life skills.

This is your day, your business and your plan – and I will make sure that you own it.

What does our day look like?

  • Meet up 9am at a convenient venue of our choice.
  • Morning – peeling back your business to discover;
  • Your UHP – Unique Human Proposition®
  • Your ideal client – the reason why they will buy from you
  • From this work we have clarity on your sales message ready to look at strategy
  • Lunch on me – time to recharge and for me to get to know you.
  • Afternoon – Your sales strategy and how to build your audience
  • Your ‘Dragons’ Den’ style pitch – yep you’ve got one!
  • Your sales targets and goals.
  • Goodie bag to take away with you to remember your day.

Why do I want to invest £1800 in this ..?

It’s a great time to review where you are at and see whether you are really achieving your goals. If you are, what’s the next step and if you’re not then let’s look at why not. You’re not alone.

I want you to fall in love with sales and your business and this day will help you to do just that.

You will leave feeling refreshed, with a new perspective and with a plan. What value do you put on that…?


So it’s time to change your game with coaching from the real Dragon Slayer – Jules White.

I can’t wait to work with you.


Since reading Jules’ book my life has changed direction.

I subsequently did a road sales trip day with her where we developed my business idea, Connect -Clarify – Create. She has been an inspiration to me! Her positivity, compassion and understanding approach are a joy to work with. Although Sales is her thing she is generous with all of her vast knowledge and experience of business and life. I feel honoured to work with Jules.

Jean Fleming

Helping exhausted senior female leaders rediscover their va-va-voom through my Connect – Clarify – Create transformation program | Coach and Mentor

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