The Live it Love it Sell it Foundation Programme 

A full programme taking you from fear to confidence with your sales strategy

The Live it Love it Sell it Foundation Programme takes you on a comprehensive journey where you truly discover how to fall in love with sales. 

Many arrive with me full of fear, or for some it’s more a lack of belief. Common on the wish list is clarity, direction and understanding the ‘how to’.

And this is what gets me so excited about the work I do, because they leave with everything on that wish list and more. The additional piece is a sense of true value and their very own UHP – Unique Human Proposition® 

It’s tough right now, and it’s safe to say the world has changed for the long term. It feels scary and I want to help you feel hope and confidence that your business has huge opportunities and wonderful value to offer the world. 

I believe in you before we start the journey and you will believe in you as we travel together. Your destination is not where we end our work, but where you go from there – you will have the tools you need to continue your journey with confidence. 

A word of warning – this will be a unique experience, and I will work you hard, but I promise it will be FUN too!


 The Live it Love it Sell it Foundation Programme is 6 x 90 minute sessions, where we work through the Live it, Love it Sell it elements of selling. This is my own methodology created from over 30 years of selling in various sectors in many sales roles – plus a moment when I won investment from Peter Jones in Dragons’ Den – possibly one of my most important pitches to date!

Below is a taste of the modules, but remember they are bespoke to you. 

Why do I want to invest ÂŁ1800 in this ..?

Now more than ever sales will be a critical part of your business and not only is it very noisy out there, it can be pretty chaotic with the amount of people doing the same thing to attract their customers.

How would you like to be different?

How would it feel to be showing up as true unique you with the confidence that you know exactly what your value is to your ideal client.

You won’t sell to everyone and you don’t want to. Trust that you instinctively know what feels right and what feeds your soul.

Love your business and stop selling to your customers – start loving them too.

This will be the best investment you have made because it is about you and how you fall in love with sales.

You will leave this road trip feeling refreshed, with a new perspective, clarity, confidence and a plan.

What value do you put on that…?  Priceless!

So it’s time to change your game with coaching from the real Dragon Slayer – me!

I can’t wait to work with you.

Jules x


If you’re ready I am too.

Will it be One Day or is this Day One…?

Having worked in the corporate world, selling was something that left me feeling cold.

 Clearly though without revenue you have no business!

I discovered Jules whilst listening to a podcast, something told me she was good at what she did. After a few weeks of stalking her on her webinars I was convinced Jules could help me so I signed up to a 6 week 1-1 programme.

Jules’ programme is unique, its full of value and human connection and I took so much from the sessions. Don’t under-estimate Jules by the lack of corporate sales patter either – Jules is strong on the commercials too!

Sarah Whale

Sustainability strategy | Finance consulting | Project implementation | Sustainability goal setting and measurement

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