Inspiration is at the heart of every small business’s success. Without that initial spark of creativity, most business ideas would never get off the ground.

Once you are actively running your business it can be difficult to juggle multiple responsibilities, deal with challenges, and remain passionate about your work. So where do you find inspiration that feeds your business growth?

It’s worth recognising that inspiration isn’t isolated to one moment, person, or place. Inspiration is everywhere, and you have a responsibility to seek it out.

Where can you find inspiration?

There are lots of strategies you can explore to feel inspired.

Creativity – exploring books, music, film, and art can boost your creativity and trigger more business ideas, social media content, or newsletter campaigns.

Network – other people are a constant source of inspiration. Whether that’s like-minded business owners at networking events or guest speakers talking about industry topics, you will always find new perspectives when mixing with others at conferences, networks, forums, or workshops.

Reflection – in those quiet moments when you review your business, reflect on what has and hasn’t worked, and practice mindfulness, journalling, or meditation, you will often uncover something that either inspires or motivates you. Reflection exercises are incredibly beneficial for your personal and professional growth.

Collaboration – if you are a solopreneur, you can feel cut off from the outside world. By embracing collaborations, you tap into the inspirational ideas of other people.

Nature – if you follow me on social media, you will often see me sharing posts about walking my dogs, travelling, and exploring the great outdoors. Absorbing the beauty of nature can spark many ideas as well as boost your mental and physical health.

How can you feel inspired?

If you want to feel inspired either in life or business, you need to nurture the above strategies. Choose the ones that resonate with you the most and make sure to include them into your daily life.

Routines can stifle inspiration for some people but keeping your diary varied helps:

  • Attend networking events with a mix of people.
  • Embrace new opportunities and experiences.
  • Keep an open mind and stay curious.
  • Be receptive to new perspectives and opinions.

On the other hand, some people may find freedom in structure. If that feels more comfortable for you, be sure to set your boundaries and then embrace the familiar for your inspirational fix.

Don’t shy away from making mistakes, as our failures often inspire new ideas, solutions, and areas of business growth.

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve over the next month, quarter, or year can also inspire you to set the right type of goals for your professional development. Knowing what direction you are heading in and having a clear plan of action often motivates you.

Action doesn’t require motivation. Motivation requires action.’

Curiosity is another wonderful way to feel inspired. Constantly learn and explore new topics to trigger ideas. Join workshops or webinars, read books and blogs, or listen to podcasts.

Who inspires you?

We are often inspired by those around us or influencers who are making a difference. Other people’s stories can show you that anything is possible.

You’ll hear me talking about your UHP® (Unique Human Proposition) all the time. By tapping into your own stories, you can be the one inspiring others.

Who inspires you? Look at the people in your network, other entrepreneurs, mentors, or famous people and spend time thinking about why they inspire you. What do they do, say, or have that shows how innovative and resilient they are? Why is that important to you?

Inspiration drives your creativity and keeps you engaged. When you feel inspired it motivates you, helps you be more productive, willing to push yourself out of that comfort zone, and leads you to greater business growth and success.

Where does motivation fit into your business success?

While inspiration is the spark that helped you start your business, motivation is what you need to keep going. Think of it as the cheerleader or the driving force behind your action.

Motivation comes from internal and external sources – your personal goals and passions, as well as the desire to make money and unlock sales success.

Your life will be full of intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivation. Staying self-aware will help you understand how each can influence your life and business. Think about what you love to do even if you weren’t getting paid for it, versus the goals you set in your business and the rewards you allocate when you achieve what you hoped for.

Use this knowledge to remain self-motivated.

Finding inspiration is essential as a small business owner. It’s not about the lightbulb moments but more about developing an environment where inspiration can thrive. Combine that with motivation, and you’ve got a powerful force that helps you build a successful business.

Stay open and curious!

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