As a business owner, it is essential that you always strive to evolve and grow. To be able to do this successfully you need to embrace your curiosity.

When you are actively inquisitive it reaps amazing rewards for you and your customers. A curious entrepreneur will uncover better solutions for their customers’ challenges leading them to build stronger relationships.

As I mentioned in my post about the Evolution of Business, change is good, and that evolution can only happen when you are prepared to navigate any discomfort and make changes for the good of your company.

Curiosity plays a key role in accepting necessary changes.

You will have heard me mention the value of listening to your customers more than once as this is a vital element of the human connection. In the same way that asking the right questions defines curiosity, so too does listening to what your customers need.

Are you open to opportunities?

Curiosity is a driving force behind that openness to discover new talents, learn new skills, and understand yourself (and your audience) better.

When did you last explore a new course, read a book outside your usual genre, or embrace an alternative point of view? All of these things hold curiosity at their core.

When I receive testimonials from my amazing clients I can clearly see where curiosity has impacted my teaching. I work with teams to help them develop relationship-based approaches to their sales strategy using the UHP® – Unique Human Proposition.

Our Retail division had recently seen a downturn but by the end of this year we will have achieved growth of 8%, the big wins have been down to re-building relationships with existing customers and has won us some amazing business.” Emma Panter, Managing Director, McCue.

I was able to show my client how to use their life skills (which are also their sales skills) and build sales strategies focusing on these assets rather than concentrating on targets.

Curiosity in business

When I refurbished The Sales Academy, I began from a place of curiosity. What areas of the membership were the most popular? Were there any sections that my members didn’t use as much? What did they need right now to make their life easier?

The answers to these questions come from reviewing your business, ideal client, and value ladder which I talk about in my post Reviewing Your Business for Sales Success.

My curiosity about how my members used the membership prompted me to fully refurbish The Sales Academy, transfer it to a new platform, and shake up the content so it offered more value and greater learning opportunities – it turns out that my members are just as curious as I am!

When you bring curiosity into your business you start to open up to a host of ideas, growth, and positive intention.

Try thinking about your products or services and then ask yourself ‘what if?’

  • What if I offered XYZ instead?
  • What if I tailored my products to another niche?
  • What if I divided my main offering into smaller services?
  • What if…

Hmm, I’m curious to see how many ideas you can create using the ‘what if’ exercise.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

Why Curiosity is Good For BusinessYou have the ability to make a difference in your customers’ lives.

From your business’s point of view start to think of any challenges you have and how you can embrace your curiosity to see a way through the issues and find a solution.

For me, the membership wasn’t a challenge, but it was something I knew needed to be reviewed and refreshed. So I could evolve this area of my business I had to see where the growth was possible and be open to making changes. That involved searching for answers, listening to my customers, and diving deep into the ‘what if’ scenarios.

Collating all this information allowed me to launch a new membership tailored to the needs of my audience.

You may think that curiosity doesn’t have a place in business, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Be sure to embrace a curious mindset so you can continue to strengthen your value ladder and benefit from a return on investment. If you work with a team it will work in your favour to reward curiosity so it encourages staff members to always think outside the box and push for better customer service.

Curiosity is the engine that drives creativity of any kind.” Crystal Wilkinson

Why Curioisty is Good for Business

How can you stay curious?

If you want to learn more about curiosity and how it impacts your sales, schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can discuss how I can help you.

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