Do you fear change? It can be too easy to settle into a routine regarding your business. The days end up blurring into one, and your passion for your work may dip. However, understanding the evolution of business can reap incredible rewards.

Many of the coaching clients who come to me are struggling with change. They don’t know why their business isn’t growing, why they can’t find new customers, and why everything is so hard. Some recognise a need to shift, and others battle against it.

Change is good

The first stage of change is often the most difficult. This is when you face denial and usually start to blame others for the challenges in your life.

  • ‘Why can’t I attract new customers as my competitors can?’
  • ‘I’m not as popular/good as the other businesses in my sector.’
  • ‘The economy has made it so hard.’

Your business changes for the better when you continue to work on your personal and professional development through a transition.

If you are struggling and need reassurance, a coaching call can be just what you need to vocalise your thoughts, communicate your fears, and find focus. Once you highlight the need for change in your business, you can work on a strategy. The fear begins to melt away.

Prepare for challenges

With change comes self-doubt, skipping along hand in hand, trying to trip you up. You might feel angry about making the necessary changes to your business at this stage. None of us enjoys dealing with challenges, but if you can flip your mindset to embrace these moments as learning tools, you’ll come out stronger than before.

Listen to your inner thoughts.

What are your peers, colleagues, or networking associates saying?

Enjoy podcasts or webinars that inspire you.

Your brain is a beautiful tool, and I often wish I’d done a psychology degree as this topic is fascinating. Did you know your brain processes 34GB of data every single day? Yes, it filters some stuff, but then it decides what is essential and what isn’t. How amazing is that!

Listening is a valuable tool, not only when it comes to change but also for your sales strategy once you are back on track.

With any level of critical self-talk, you need to practice patience. Change requires you to try new working processes, perhaps a new software or social platform. You may need to educate yourself to fill gaps in your skillset.

Changing any aspect of your business will bring doubts, fear, and confusion, but to be able to make the alterations you need, it’s a stage you must navigate.

Many people in my network talk about throwing in the towel and getting a 9-5 job because running their business has become so hard. Most of those people don’t go back to corporate life; instead, they re-evaluate their business and change what isn’t working for them to build something better.

Go back to the drawing board and see if your core values have changed. Has your target audience altered? Who needs you now, and what solutions can you offer them?

My membership is evolving to accommodate the changes I want to make to Live It Love It Sell It, and I’ve had to embrace the uncertainty, listen to my gut, and accept the changes I need to make for it to work.

Acceptance brings a sense of clarity

The final stage of your business evolution is acceptance. At this point, you are clear on what changes you need to put in place, you have an action plan, and the future feels brighter.

Although acceptance is an excellent place to be, it can often bring more discomfort and emotions. With new ideas or concepts, you can start to overthink things and focus on what you lost rather than the new beginnings.

The best way to navigate any discomfort you feel is to celebrate your wins, reward the changes you are making, and include your audience in building a buzz around your new direction, products, or services.

Brainstorming is a wonderful way to help you see the changes you want to complete for your business. It gives you the time and space to strategise, plan, and explore.

Eventually, your changes will become the new normal for you, your business, and your ideal customer.

What can you do to understand more about the evolution of your business?

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