With the increase in virtual meetings, conferences, business calls, and even family Zoom nights, you might think that joining an online membership is just another way to disconnect from reality.

You couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online memberships have been running for years. There are global groups for every industry and niche you can imagine, with engaged audiences that span the world.

57% of people who join a membership say it’s to network with their peers, while 26% want to learn about a specific topic, and 25% are looking for access to specialised information.

You crave business knowledge, but you also want that human conversation & interaction.

Memberships are the perfect blend of a learning platform and a networking group. When interviewed about subscription models, 70% of senior business leaders representing retail, finances, and other industries, believe they hold the key to business growth.

If you think about the communities of your early ancestors, you see how a group could flourish when they worked together as a team. If a person was ejected from their village, the prospects of survival were slim. Being alone was a weakness.

These days you don’t see solopreneurs as weak – far from it! However, every man and woman who runs a business by themselves will turn to external sources for help, advice, guidance, or services as some point on their business journey.

To help grow your business, it makes sense to involve yourself in a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals. You know how powerful a weight loss group can be for people who need a buddy to help them reach their goal. Imagine how a business related group could help your growth and development.

Accountability is the key to success. Sharing your highs and lows, while learning new skills, and collaborating with other businesses ensures you thrive within any chosen community.

Benefits of joining a membership community:

Aside from the opportunity to expand your network, meet like-minded business people, and open yourself up to collaborations, there are other benefits worthy of exploration:

  1. Tap into business resources

    In the Live It Love It Sell It membership we have a treasure trove of resources for our members that include replays of live events, podcasts, articles, and a wealth of videos and PDF downloads, all to help you fall in love with sales again. An American poll discovered that small business owners believed access to up-to-date information and professional or educational offerings was the most important benefit when deciding to subscribe.

  2. Specialised knowledge & training

    Most membership sites are founded by someone in the know, a leader in their field, or an expert when it comes to their topic. As my regular readers know, my love of sales runs through every piece of content I produce. To this end, I can confidently say ‘I know my stuff!’

When you join the Live It Love It Sell It Experience you’re getting all my years of training, expertise, experience, and passion. You’re also getting everything my lovely dad taught me along his entrepreneurial journey – that’s multiple generations of specialised training at your fingertips.

In addition to the information I share about sales, my members also have the advantage to learn from guest speakers each month. We schedule talks from every corner of the entrepreneurial world to give every member the best support possible.

I was thrilled when Jules asked me to be a guest speaker in her membership group. The benefit of blogging for business is a topic I care deeply about, and to have the opportunity to share my thoughts, advice, and strategies with such an engaged audience was an absolute joy.Shelley Wilson, Author/Blogger/Book Coach

  1. Incentives & rewards

    I hope you’ve visited the membership page on my website, if not, here’s the link. Please take a quick look around, go on, I’ll wait!

What do you think?

When I was growing up, I spent many days in my dad’s newsagent shop. We lived above the shop on the local parade, where everyone did their shopping. Everyone knew John, my dad.

Back then, life revolved around community, and to us, as humans, we are always at our happiest when we have a sense of belonging.

Creating the Live It Love It Sell It Experience was a project that tapped into my own life and loves of sales. I knew the membership’s theme would have to centre on the place I first fell in love with sales – the high street!

Every high street has a bank, and our online community is no different. The more you put into being a community member, the more you get out of it. Incentives are a fabulous way to reward my members. It’s a benefit enjoyed by everyone.

You can find out more about how I put the membership site together in my post, How I Built a High Street.

  1. Professional development

    We’re all mindful of the economy at the moment, and our personal and professional development has been thrust into the forefront. Being a part of any membership allows you to boost your learning, expand your knowledge, and see new and exciting ways to raise your business profile.

While our working environment may have altered at the moment, we are still showing up to be of service to our audience. Taking time to focus on your professional development boosts your job satisfaction, helps you to plan for the future, and in the long run, makes your business more desirable to your clients.

Joining our online membership allows you to slay the big bad monster of sales myth and bring the magic back to your business.

Sales was always a cold, unwelcoming term to me. Encompassing conversations trying to persuade an unsuspecting individual that they needed my service. The Live it Love it Sell it – Sales Academy has been a real eye opener for me. I’m learning to love sales, I’m learning that sales is all about me and my love and passion for what I do. The content, lessons, lives and totally supportive community is worth every penny. Thank you JulesAndrea Rainsford, SEO Angel

What do you get in the Live It Love It Sell It Membership?

You get your very own community high street:

  • Sweet Shop (Online Sales Training)
  • Book Shop (Sales, Business & Personal Development Books)
  • Box Office (Online Live Sales & Business Events)
  • Inspiration Salon (Webinars, Recordings & Podcasts)
  • Optician (Unique Human Proposition)
  • Stationary Shop (Business Inspiration)
  • Music Shop (Downloadable Tunes)
  • Coffee Shop (Community Meet Ups)
  • The Bank (Loyalty and Rewards)

How much does membership cost?

The membership costs £47 per month (£360 for an annual membership). That’s the price of one cup of coffee a day! Not bad when you consider the benefits to you and your business.

The High Street offers so much I only wish I had more hours in the day! I joined to be part of an ongoing business development learning community, its delivered exactly that, the gift that keeps on giving.  From the bite sized training sessions in the Sweet Shop to the Box Office Live learning events (which are also recorded) to the Music shop where I go to feel motivated! There is so much valuable and easy to digest content that is supporting my personal and business development goals, plus the community is FULL of brilliant supportive humans that encourage each other along the way, it’s a one stop shop!” Tina Jennings – Chief Change Officer – Cosán Cróga Ltd

Join your high street community today and start reaping the Live It Love It Sell It Experience benefits. Want to find out more? Schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can have a chat about the membership or my other coaching services.

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