What do you buy a business owner for Christmas’ might sound like the start of a bad joke from a cracker, but as entrepreneurs wouldn’t you appreciate a thoughtful gift that helped boost business sales in some way?

There are plenty of blog posts recommending a range of high-tech gadgets, stationery products, and even coffee machines as possible gift ideas for the busy entrepreneur, but let’s stop for a moment and take some time to reflect. What would make a huge difference to YOU and your business this year?

Ask yourself the following:

  • How challenging has this year been for you and your business?
  • How many late nights and weekends have you worked?
  • Are your plans for professional development on hold or are you pushing ahead?

Can you relate to any of these questions? So many of you are working even harder to recover from the challenges of the current climate and setting yourself goals and tasks to clear a path to a brighter future. Have you ever had time to stop and think about Christmas at all?

We are all putting a higher value on experiences over ‘stuff’ these days. However, the art of giving a gift to a loved one, a friend, or a respected colleague can still be enjoyed and appreciated.

My regular readers will have heard me talk about my wonderful dad, John, who was the heart and soul of his community. He knew what it meant to give a gift full of value. A meaningful present where you’ve put thought and compassion into the decision can often be more of a surprise to the receiver.

Give a gift that matters

Yes, an adjustable laptop table and a waterproof notepad for the shower might be the answer to all your prayers, but can they help you achieve a business breakthrough?

If the past couple of years has taught me anything, it’s that the material things don’t matter. Time with family and friends, leisure time and the freedom to travel, these are the important things that I know are on mine and my clients’ wish lists.

While the news can make it seem like everything is all doom and gloom at the moment, there are plenty of feel good stories all around us with plenty of tales of successes and achievements. People are still buying. The landscape for sales hasn’t vanished, only shifted.

Staying on top of these changes can take time and support, and that’s where giving a gift that matters can be more valuable than any technical gizmo you might get for Christmas.

Here are my alternative gift ideas for that busy business owner:

Time – You’ve heard the phrase ‘give the gift of time’ before. Perhaps an hour or two dedicated to you and your business is precisely what you need.

How can I help? Many of you have to do and be everything for everybody to the detriment of your business. 30 or 90-minute sales coaching sessions would give you the headspace to think about your business and where you want to take it in the future. They give you the time to talk through the challenges you’ve faced and work on solutions.

My 90-Minute Breakthrough Sessions or my Express 30 Sessions might be just the thing to bring you back to a place of clarity, direction, and understanding.

Take a virtual walk down my High Street – I fulfilled one of my dreams to create a membership site, and I love how The Sales Academy has become a dedicated online space where you can connect, learn, and belong. The sales academy is our themed Membership full of value, like-minded business owners, and helpful content.

The members are reaping the many benefits of articles, podcasts, training videos, workshops, earning rewards, and so much more. Helping businesses to overcome any challenges, and build their confidence.

You can find out more about the community High Street in my article, How I Built a High Street, but here’s a quick insight into what’s included in the membership:

  • Sweet Shop– Pick ‘n’ Mix – help yourself
  • Newsagent– For your latest news
  • Box Office– Live events to inspire you
  • Stationery Shop– Inspirational daily thoughts
  • Opticians– Time to clearly see your UHP®
  • Music Shop– Listen to the tunes behind the brand
  • The Coffee Shop– The central meeting place, of course!
  • The Inspiration Salon– replays of live events
  • The Bank– your very own bank account of rewards

How can I help? Give the gift of a month’s membership to a colleague or friend and let them see how being a part of The Sales Academy can benefit their business.

Stocking Filler – How many books have you read this year? Everyone wants to tackle that must-read pile of books you’ve had on your shelves, especially with all the new titles due out this time of year.

Giving the gift of a book is a wonderful stocking filler for any business owner. There is an abundance of business books available that offer insights, thought provoking questions, and motivational strategies to apply in your business.

How can I help? Live It Love It Sell It is my debut book about winning at sales with the art of human conversation. If you shy away from the thought of selling your product or service, then this book will help you fall in love with sales again.

“[this book] uses clear, jargon-free language that comes from someone who totally knows what they’re talking about. It’s hugely uplifting and empowering. A brilliant book and a total breath of fresh air.” Gayle Johnson

Find all my Christmas gift ideas HERE. The Christmas season doesn’t mean you need to feel disconnected from your business. Setting goals for the New Year, dreaming of a brighter future, and putting strategies in place to improve that future should still be at the forefront of your mind. Take some time out to review and reflect, but be sure to come back stronger.

Want to learn more about working with me? Get my FREE sales road map to help you sell with confidence.  Or take advantage of a virtual cuppa to find out how I can help you navigate your sales journey after a pandemic.

My membership, The Sales Academy, is an amazing community that is building beautifully. Come and join your very own high street community and begin to connect, learn, and belong. If you fancy your own personal tour of the high street to see what it’s all about then book that here!