My passion and love for sales grew from watching my dad run his newsagent’s shop when I was a young girl. Everyone knew John, and John knew everyone too. Back then, life revolved around community. We, as humans, are at our happiest when we have a sense of belonging, and my dad’s shop provided that for anyone who walked through the door.

Launching my sales membership was my way of bringing that community alive once again, and it was only fitting that I developed the sales academy with a high street theme. My inspiration was always my lovely dad, and I think he would enjoy popping into my virtual shops.

What is the Sales Academy?

I want to welcome you to your high street community. Every part of the sales academy is about connection, learning, and belonging. I set the scene with shops to represent every part of the value you will get as part of this community.

Let’s explore a week in the life of the Sales Academy.

The Sales Academy | Jules White | Live it Love it Sell it

Monday – We start the week with a visit to the Sweet Shop, where you can learn everything you need about sales and selling – learning is a treat after all! You’ll discover my ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ counter, where you help yourself to the wide range of videos and PDF downloads designed to help you fall in love with sales.

Tuesday – Today’s trip to the high street includes stopping at the Book Shop to help you grow and develop. The book shop is stocked with business non-fiction, personal development, and a few of our favourite recommendations. Knowledge is power, and I think you’ll love browsing the titles we have available. Not only that, but you can also take part in our book club where we meet every 6 weeks to discuss the book we have chosen to read!

Wednesday – Time for a visit to the Box Office for any of our live events. There are three types plus our book club sessions. The ‘Love to Learn’ sessions are from outside experts and teach us the extra things we need to know as business owners, like presentation skills, email marketing, canvas, Instagram, blogging and YouTube to mention just a few!

The live it Love it Ask it sessions are with me and include Q&A opportunities and sometimes specific sales training subjects – like discovering discovery calls, goal setting and more. We also have our ‘Open Mic’ sessions where we hear from the members themselves. As a member you will have an opportunity to run your own session, however you like!

Can’t make it to the high street? You can visit the Inspiration Salon any day to catch the replay of the live events, plus some of the best webinars and podcast episodes. Think of this as your own library of business and inspirational knowledge! Who needs Netflix!

Thursday – It’s Window Shopping day where you can just browse the many shops windows belonging to our members. A simple way to showcase your business through your very own window and connect with other members.

Friday – Every trip to the high street needs to include a visit to the Bank, and our virtual high street is no different. The Bank is where you are rewarded for engaging, learning, and exploring. Through a collaboration with reward provider Incentivesmart, and as a member of the sales academy, you receive a shiny rewards account at the bank to build up your loyalty points. Think of this as your ‘Love it’ reward scheme.

No Friday evening would be complete without a spot of Music, and the high street is the place to be for entertainment and connection. Join me as I share the incredible music composed by Sam White, my son!

Saturday – The weekend has arrived! Today is the day to visit the Coffee Shop and hang out with the other members of the sales academy. Our coffee shop is the perfect place to network, meet, ask for help, make suggestions, and find out more about your community.

Sunday – I love Sunday’s as they are usually full of relaxing activities. Our virtual high street is no different. Visit our Gallery today for inspiration, colour, and downloadable images to help you understand your why and business purpose. The Gallery was designed to lift your spirits or inspire you to create those valuable human connections.

Connect. Learn. Belong

Every part of this community is about allowing you to connect, learn and belong, and represents the value I deliver.

  • Connect – The human connection is one of the most important parts of sales and everything that Live it Love it Sell it stands for. Connection is at the heart of the Sales Academy.
  • Learn – One thing we should always be is learning, and your membership will give you access to video and factsheets full of valuable learning about human selling. Live sessions will bring you guest experts as well as opportunities to Live it Love it Ask it
  • Belong – Any community works when you feel like you belong. This is one of the main reasons this membership has been created the way it has. Every customer who came into my dad’s shop felt like they belonged there. There is the opportunity to network, take ownership of your membership and be in the spotlight!

What the members are saying

The high street offers so much I only wish I had more hours in the day! I joined to be part of an ongoing business development learning community, it’s delivered exactly that, the gift that keeps on giving.  From the bite sized training sessions in the Sweet Shop to the Box Office Live learning events (which are also recorded) to the Music shop where I go to feel motivated! There is so much valuable and easy to digest content that is supporting my personal and business development goals, plus the community is FULL of brilliant supportive humans that encourage each other along the way, its a one stop shop! Tina Jennings – Chief Change Officer – Cosán Cróga Ltd

Sales was always a cold, unwelcoming term to me. Encompassing conversations trying to persuade an unsuspecting individual that they needed my service. The Live it Love it Sell it – Sales Academy has been a real eye-opener for me. I’m learning to love sales, I’m learning that sales is all about me and my love and passion for what I do. The content, lessons, lives and totally supportive community is worth every penny. Thank you, Jules.Andrea Rainsford, Founder SEO Angel.

What next?

SPECIAL OFFER! As we celebrate our 1st Birthday in the Sales Academy, we have a very special birthday present to give you – enjoy one month in the high street membership and then £35 a month price for life (normally £47). Sign up for the Birthday Membership Offer 

The sales academy is our themed membership, and it’s packed full of value. Why not come and take a walk down our virtual high street and explore the array of shops to connect, learn and belong.

Are you ready to join the Sales Academy and create success in your business?

Still need to find out more? My article, 4 Reasons Why Joining a Membership Will Help Your Business Grow may help you decide.

Join me in the Live it Love it Sell it Sales Academy for this very special offer available from 23rd – 31st August 2021.

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