The Sales Academy app is a platform providing small business owners with everything they need to learn and grow their businesses. Whether you want to improve your sales skills and marketing techniques or enhance your customer service, the app has it all.

The best part? You can access these resources whenever you need them, wherever you are, 24/7!

What is The Sales Academy?

When I was a young girl, I spent many days in my dad’s newsagent shop. We lived above the shop on our local parade where everyone did their shopping. There were no superstores back then. We had a butcher, grocer, post office, and of course, my dad’s newsagent.

Back then life revolved around community, and to us as humans we are happiest when we feel like we belong.

Launching The Sales Academy, I knew I wanted to theme this online community around the place where I fell in love with sales, watching my dad serve his customers, so I created a virtual High Street. Each part of the Sales Academy community is about connection, learning, and belonging.

I set the scene with shops representing the value my members receive.

Welcome to your very own High Street:

Sweet Shop – Pick ‘n’ Mix your sales lessons

Box Office – Live events to inspire you

The Library – Our very own collection of blogs

Music Shop – Listen to the tunes behind the brand

The Coffee Shop – The central meeting place!

The Knowledge Hut – Replays of live events

In addition to this, we also have a book club and monthly Huddles where our members get to know each other better, exchange stories, and discover fun sales facts.

Launching the App

Most of us have embraced the wonders of technology and use software and apps that make our lives easier. I wanted to include this element in The Sales Academy, so I launched a dedicated membership app using the Mighty Network.

Here are a few of the benefits of using the app for your business:

Convenience and accessibility

With The Sales Academy app, you don’t have to worry about missing any live events, blog posts, or sales lessons as you receive notifications directly to your phone. These are then linked to your online calendar. You can access the app at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.


The app is part of your Sales Academy membership and at £49 a month, it is a cost-effective and affordable way to access high-quality training and resources. Instead of paying £300+ for a 90-minute coaching session, or thousands for a business coach, you have access to Q&A events, sales lessons, downloadable resources, webinars, a book club, guest experts, and blog posts. All the resources can be accessed on the go via the app.

Customised Learning Experience

You are in control of your app experience and can choose the areas you want to access the fastest. Some members set the filters to show everything so they don’t miss a thing, but if you want to focus on live events, questions, or connect with other members in your local area you can set this easily via the homepage.

You can explore The Knowledge Hut for quick lessons on a variety of sales topics. Want to learn about creating an eBook? Need help with your marketing? Want to understand numerology in sales? You can access all this and more in seconds.

You receive up-to-date information as The Sales Academy app is updated in real-time. Access everything you need to understand sales and selling to grow your business.

The app allows you to learn at your own pace, and to choose what to learn and when.

Community Support

As well as the resources and learning opportunities you also have access to the other members who are like-minded business owners at varying stages of their business journey. You can share insights, ask for advice, and learn from each other’s experiences.

If you’re looking for a community that supports your professional development, provides excellent resources, and supports you as you grow your business, then The Sales Academy is for you.

The app is a fabulous bonus that provides members with that customised learning experience. It’s a valuable tool for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

How can you learn more about The Sales Academy?

Join my Sales Academy and build on everything you’ve learned in this post to create success in your business and deliver an unparalleled sales experience.

I can say the Sales Academy is great value for money – just the monthly Q&A sessions make the fee worth it. I always leave with valuable insights on sales and business. And the modules (I’ve done so far, at least) are packed with useful info and mythbusting around sales.” Nick Diakanastasis, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Coach

If you want to learn more about The Sales Academy and the benefits for your business, schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can discuss how I can help you.

“Jules is all about doing it right! Right education, right training, right attitude, right outcomes for all! If you want to do it right, speak to Jules White.” Asvin Chauhan, CEO Pharma Wealth

Join me for a ‘Walk down the High Street’ and see what The Sales Academy looks like.

Want to find out more? Schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can have a chat about the membership or my other coaching services.