The Sales Academy is packed with learning opportunities, experts, and professional coaching to allow you to get the most out of your business.

The membership was born in September 2020 – yes, the pandemic year! It was a bit of a risk as what a horrible year it had been, but it was also perfect timing in many ways, as people were longing to be together.

It has evolved and grown organically into a close-knit and intimate community that works so well. I thought it was time to talk to you about how members can get the most out of the sales academy, and indeed communities in general.

Being a part of any membership takes a level of commitment and dedication on your part, but what key elements make it worth your time and effort?

Like-minded community

Human connection is something we all crave, especially after the hardships of recent years. As business owners, you may be working independently or have a remote team. Either way, you are on your own dealing with every aspect of your business and sales strategy.

Challenges are a part of life, but who do you turn to when you’re stuck? The beauty of a like-minded community is the ability to ask for help or advice, learn from others who have been through something similar, or simply use the other members as a sounding board.

You learn through interaction and engagement. Hearing how a fellow member has dealt with an issue might help you find a solution to something you need assistance with – or help with a challenge your customer is facing.

Not only does the Sales Academy community offer advice, coaching, and learning opportunities, but it’s also packed with fun and laughter. Running a business can be lonely without office banter, so showing up for quiz nights, Q & A sessions, and storytelling brings with it a human connection that many memberships lack.

Live Q&A’s

Google can only answer so much and often the articles that pop up first are years old.  Having a safe space to ask the right questions in real time is vital to your business’s success.

Many of the members of the Sales Academy appreciate the value they receive in the Q&A sessions.

I can say the Sales Academy is great value for money – just the monthly Q&A sessions make the fee worth it. I always leave with valuable insights on sales and business. And the modules (I’ve done so far, at least) are packed with useful info and myth-busting around sales.” Nick Diakanastasis, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Coach

The Live it Love it Ask it Q&A sessions are always packed with golden nuggets and valuable insights.

One of the things I love most about these sessions is we never know quite where they will take us. We all learn so much in the space of just an hour together online.

Reap the rewards

At the Sales Academy, you can earn as you learn. The High Street theme means all of our learning is via virtual shops and as with most High Streets we have a bank. You have your own account and you earn points the more you engage in the community.

A recent purchase that made me so excited was to hear that a member of my Sales Academy bought herself a bike with the points she collected from her bank account!

I’ve always been a big believer in incentives to motivate us. The reward scheme in the Sales Academy is substantial and as with our example here, you can reap those rewards for your personal or professional development.

Not only do I learn, be part of a supportive community but I get rewarded for being an active member.” Georgina Hodgkinson, owner of a brand new bike!


Our time is precious and I recognise that not everyone can attend our live events, no matter how valuable they are. That’s why I created resources members can access at any time. These include downloadable guides, blog content from our guest experts, and how-to guides and videos covering everything from Why Stories Sell to How to Handle a Discover Call.

We are always adding to the catalogue of resources ensuring the members get valuable content throughout the year and beyond.

24/7 Access via the App

An exciting twist to the membership is the development of the Sales Academy App. Take your community with you wherever you go.

We use a platform called Mighty Network as the home of our Academy and so we then have the luxury of offering an app for our members. To download it you look for ’Mighty Networks’ and then you are always connected whatever you are doing.

You have access to all the resources and lessons, and can listen to podcasts, webinars, and catch any replays. The bank is still represented on the app too, so you can continue to collect rewards.

Take your sales community on the road with you. Access vital information while out of your office, and even book an event from the train.

Community is all about belonging

When I was growing up, I spent my days in my Dad’s newsagents. We lived above the shop on our local shopping parade where everyone in the area did their shopping. My dad knew everyone and everyone knew my dad!

Back then, life revolved around community, and to us, as humans, we are at our happiest when we have a sense of belonging.

When I designed the Sales Academy, I knew the theme would centre on that special place where I first fell in love with sales – watching my dad serve his customers in the shop.

Welcome to the High Street (Sales Academy). Every part of this community membership is about connection, learning, and belonging. Each shop represents a value you will get as a member of this community.

Sweet Shop – Pick ‘n’ Mix your sales lessons

Box Office – Live events to inspire you

The Library – Our very own collection of blogs

Music Shop – Listen to the tunes behind the brand

The Coffee Shop – The central meeting place!

The Knowledge Hut – Replays of live events – Your street food of the High Street when you’re hungry to learn!

The Bank – Your very own rewards bank account

Join the Sales Academy

The Sales Academy is the place to be for building your confidence around sales. You will learn how to create success in your business and deliver an unparalleled sales experience through group learning, resources, and live calls.

You will find:

  • How-to library
  • Guest experts
  • Downloadable guides
  • Regular Q&A’s
  • Community huddles
  • Book club
  • Your very own bank account

And so much more

Join us in the sales academy and be part of a community that ensures that you and your business are supported.

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I’ve always talked about falling in love with sales. I know – sounds strange doesn’t it – who would love sales?! The fact is, if you run a business, sales is the life blood, so why would you hate it?

To celebrate this month of LOVE, we are cooking up some special recipes in the Sales Academy to make this membership super nourishing for your business.

Join us in the sales academy this month with a very special offer full of LOVE! Be part of a community that ensures that you and your business are supported, and a big bonus is it’s also great fun!

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Jules’s positive energy comes across in everything she does. She is passionate about championing other people, always listens without judgement, and will coach you without you realising you are being coached! She has built a well-established community that’s inclusive and seems to include a wide range of job titles.

As is typical of Jules, she is always learning and pushing herself to excel in all areas of her business, so not surprised that her [Sales Academy] has had a refurb. I look forward to exploring [the resources] and meeting some like-minded and interesting people.”

Anya Mitchell, Coach – Fantastic Hairdresser

Join me for a ‘Walk down the High Street’ and see what the Sales Academy looks like.

Want to find out more? Schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can have a chat about the membership or my other coaching services.