Confidence is an important trait for small business owners. It plays a vital role in decision-making, building the know, like, and trust relationships with customers, and overcoming challenges. But what if confidence doesn’t come naturally to you?

There are many tools and techniques you can apply to build and boost your confidence, and some only require 30 minutes of focused effort.

Let’s explore five top tips for building confidence quickly and how these will benefit you and your business.

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

An affirmation is a short phrase or statement that helps reverse negative self-talk. By regularly repeating positive affirmations you can rewire your thought patterns and replace self-doubt with self-assurance.

Say the following phrases out loud, or write them down and put them somewhere visible. Above your desk is a great place.

“I am capable”

“I have the skills and knowledge to succeed”

“I am enough”

“I am confident in my abilities”

“I am abundant”

“Everything I want is already on its way to me”

“I am worthy of my desires”

Dedicate 5 minutes a day to repeating your favourite affirmation.

Visualisation Exercises

Visualising success is a powerful mindset tool used by wellness coaches across the world. By visualising yourself giving a keynote speech, winning an award, or landing a big contract you can begin to build your confidence that these goals are possible.

Spend 5 minutes imagining yourself achieving a goal. Engage all your senses – see it, feel it, smell, and taste it! Imagine the bubbles from your celebratory champagne fizzing on your tongue as the people around you share your excitement and joy. Picture yourself walking up the stage steps to accept your award in front of a crowded conference room.

By rehearsing success in your mind, you can build confidence and reduce any self-doubt. Visualising positive outcomes sends a message to your brain to believe in your abilities.

You can also reinforce the visualisation by creating a vision board and sticking images or positive quotes to a board that represents everything you want to achieve.

Reflection Techniques

We all have moments of self-doubt, especially as business owners. By reflecting on past successes you can turn any negativity around and boost your confidence.

Taking screenshots of positive feedback or testimonials is a fabulous way to build a portfolio of success stories. You can recall and celebrate your accomplishments any time you need a confidence boost.

Maintaining a positive mindset can be tricky if your confidence wanes, but reminding yourself of past victories, sales, successes, and achievements, no matter how small, shifts your mindset into a more positive state.

Be More Wonder Woman!

Standing with your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman might seem like an odd suggestion, but the power pose is a well-known body language booster. Adrianne Carter, The Face Whisperer is a body language expert and often gets her audience to adopt the power pose when giving talks.

The Wonder Woman pose opens up your posture and conveys confidence. Just a couple of minutes standing in this pose is enough to increase your confidence levels. Try it before your next client call or networking event.

Work with a Business Coach

Accountability is a game-changer for business owners looking to build their confidence. A business coach supports you, provides honest feedback, and gives the right guidance to meet your needs.

The right business coach will help you identify the areas in your business that might need the most work, and help build your confidence to tackle any challenges, overcome setbacks, and learn new strategies for your personal and professional growth.

My Express 30 coaching sessions provide all of the above and more. These sessions are an investment in your business and yourself and together we can boost your confidence and achieve your business goals.

I booked an Express30 session with Jules when I was feeling a bit blocked on the direction my business was heading. I needed clarity on the services I offer and a boost of confidence to push forward with my plans. Jules doesn’t waste a second and gets to the core of your challenge quickly ensuring you leave with everything you need and a buzz about your business goals. I can highly recommend these Express30 sessions.” Shelley Wilson, Writing Mentor & Author

What are the benefits of working with a business development coach?

When I work with my clients we tailor our sessions to their unique goals and circumstances. I want to help them develop action plans that align with their core values, as well as empower them to make confident decisions.

The work we do will always centre on their UHP®, Unique Human Proposition, after all, life skills are sales skills!

As an award-winning International sales coach, I understand the need for accountability and support. A coach should provide encouragement, guidance, and motivation to help you stay focused.

Jules’s positive energy comes across in everything she does. She is passionate about championing other people always listens without judgement and will coach you without you realising you are being coached. She has built a well-established community that’s very inclusive and seems to include a wide range of job titles.

As is typical of Jules, she is always learning and pushing herself to excel in all areas of her business…Anya Mitchell, Coach at Fantastic Hairdresser.

Finally, working with a business coach helps you enhance your communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, which all contribute to building confidence as a business owner.

How can you learn more about building confidence?

If you want to learn more about building confidence, adding value, and building trust to drive your business growth, why not invest in one of my Express30 coaching sessions? Do you have a burning challenge with sales? My Express 30 sessions are designed to solve that issue in 30 minutes.

Want to find out more? Schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can chat about the membership or my other coaching services.