Staying positive in the current financial climate might seem tough, but spending time analysing your sales strategy and creating an action plan can help.

Say something positive and you’ll see something positive.” Jim Thompson

Everyone understands the power of positivity. When you surround yourself with positive people it infuses your own energy. Your customers will benefit from that energy and it’s those feelings that bring your customers back for more.

We actively seek out positive people and if you, as a business owner, broadcast positivity you will shape the know, like, and trust elements of building lasting relationships.

When life feels bleak it can be challenging to see anything from a glass half-full outlook. However, studies show that having an optimistic personality can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing, and in turn, your business dealings.

What is a positive mindset and why is it important?

In its simplest terms, a positive mindset is finding the good in any given situation. When faced with growing interest rates, stock and postage issues, and rising outgoings it might feel like there is no good news, but with the right processes in place you can boost your positivity throughout the year.

Why is it so important that you achieve and maintain a positive mindset in your business?

I mentioned in a recent LinkedIn post that we always have a choice. This is a positive mindset in action. My start to this year has been sad, challenging, and exciting in equal measure, Instead of dwelling on the losses I prefer to see the new opportunities that these losses provide. If you change your energy, your activity, and your expectations amazing things happen – I refer to this as your ‘bouncebackability’.

Having a positive mental attitude also helps you deal with stress and challenges in a much more productive way. This mindset will have an effect on your business relationships, goal setting, and even your health.

If you’ve heard my TEDx talk you will be familiar with my dad’s favourite saying – “there’s no such word as can’t.” His positive mindset taught me so much as a child and I’ve carried those lessons throughout my life and career creating sales skills from my life skills.

What can you do to keep a positive mindset in sales?

  • Start with your customer journey.

Is the experience of navigating your sales funnel easy or could you improve upon this in some way? Reviewing and reflecting on your business is a fabulous way to renew the positivity you have for your products or services. Anything that feels disjointed can be removed or reworked.

Having a positive mindset opens you up to learning new skills and embracing opportunities as they arise. This, in turn, will feed into your business growth and success.

  • Rinse and repeat.

What has worked for you and your business in the past? When did you feel a positive connection to something or someone you worked with? To help you boost your positivity it helps to focus on your previous wins and remind yourself of how and why this worked so well.

It’s also worth using any negative feedback you’ve received to build the foundations for a positive mindset. If your customer tells you that something isn’t working don’t take this personally. Instead, use their opinion as a learning experience and make the necessary improvements.

  • Find that work-life balance.

Most business owners start their businesses to work around family commitments or create more free time to do the things they love. Feeling trapped by your work will deplete your positive mindset, so make sure you are actively seeking the work-life balance that suits you and your lifestyle.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” Dolly Parton

  • Find your passion.

Doing what you love presents you with an opportunity to live your life with a positive mental attitude every day. As Marc Anthony once said, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”, and he was right.

When I speak at events, I often talk about falling in love with sales and working with your UHP® – Unique Human Proposition. I’m passionate about showing business owners and teams how to sell in a human-centred way. In fact, it’s my mission to untrain anyone who has been trained to sell!

Don’t underestimate that, even as a positive person, I have to work on being positive sometimes. Some days it’s tough, but my Dad is forever on my shoulder telling me ‘there’s no such word as can’t.’

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