How many of us know someone who is confident and self-assured in their sales and marketing strategy?

Feeling that level of confidence in business might seem impossible some days, especially in the current financial climate. However, confidence comes from being prepared, and that is something we can all learn and incorporate into our business lives.

You will always hear me talk about how you are your best business asset. Nobody else has your stories, knowledge, and experience to share. Sharing your story may feel uncomfortable but if you learn how to embrace the power of storytelling your confidence will increase.

Confidence combined with your UHP® – a process I created to develop your unique emotional glue to strengthen, bond, and deliver an unparalleled sales experience – will drive your business forward. Here are five strategies to help you feel confident in sales.

Embrace positivity and release negativity

How many of us focus on the negatives? It’s not easy to stay in a positive frame of mind all the time. With the pressures of work commitments, financial restraints, and life stuff, in general, staying positive can be tough. However, when you adopt a positive outcome, it automatically creates confidence.

Try rethinking those negative thoughts and turning them into positive affirmations. Instead of thinking ‘I’m not confident enough’ try saying ‘I can do anything I set my mind to’.

Create a positive cycle for yourself and be open to new opportunities.

Tap into your network/connections – learn from others

In the Sales Academy, we have a mix of members who support one another in all aspects of running their business. They feed off each other and have built confidence in a safe space.

When you lack confidence you might shy away from group events or communities, and yet this is where you can begin to build the foundations you need and learn from others.

If you struggle with networking events try talking about other people instead of yourself. Introduce your friend’s business or connect people because they have similar interests. Doing this allows you to talk, connect, and build confidence without having to ‘sell’ yourself.

Over time, your confidence will grow and without even realising it you will be talking about your business in a natural and authentic way.

Understand your customer – know what they need and want

At the core of your business is your customer. Without anyone buying your products or services, your business would never thrive. In my book, Live It Love It Sell It, I talk about taking your customer from Hell to Heaven (problem to solution). In order to do this you must know what they want and need.

Listen to your audience and build relationships based on trust. Adding a personal touch will help you feel more confident when engaging with your customers.

Instead of talking about sales calls, reframe them as a virtual cuppa or discovery call. Altering your language and thinking of your business in terms of building lasting relationships with your customers gives you the confidence to show up as yourself.

Self-Confidence with UHP® – know your self-worth

Sales is no longer about being pushy. The type of old school sales techniques no longer have a place in today’s society. The buyer is king and thanks to the developments in technology they have often done most of the research before they ever get in touch with you.

If that’s the case, it means you can show up authentically. However, if you lack self-confidence, even being yourself can feel uncomfortable.

In this case, you must reflect on your successes. What have you achieved to get where you are today? What stories do you have about your business and life journey? Your Unique Human Proposition® is all about you being you.

Know and value your self-worth. Believe in yourself and what you offer your customers. Look at where you started and where you are at the moment. How far have you come? How many testimonials do you have? What do other people say about you?

When you value yourself you will become more confident.

Create goals you are passionate about

Confidence comes from doing something you love and are good at. If your business is something you started from scratch and have worked hard to build then think about the reason you began this journey – what’s your why?

When I work with clients on my Express30 sessions we get to the core of their passion immediately. Reconnecting with everything you love about your business reignites your confidence.

How can you learn more about confidence in your business?

If you want to learn more about building confidence and using that to drive your business growth, why not invest in one of my Express30 coaching sessions for yourself? Do you have a burning challenge with sales? My Express 30 sessions are designed to solve that issue in just 30 minutes.

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Alternatively, you can join my Sales Academy and build on everything you’ve learned in this post to create success in your business and deliver an unparalleled sales experience.

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