Understanding how to add that personal touch to your sales strategy is a vital tool to include in your business development.

What do I mean by ‘personal touch’?

Offering a personalised service allows you to provide more value for your customer and keep them coming back for more while also boosting your brand visibility.

Building a good reputation and bolstering the know, like, and trust elements for your target audience means understanding who you are talking to and why they need you.

That personal touch can be provided via one-to-one interactions as well as part of a collective group – it’s all about the experience for your customer.

Your Unique Human Proposition (UHP®) is one small part of that personal touch. Being authentic and operating from a human-centred perspective helps your audience connect with you and vice versa.

This is a proven methodology that has seen success time and time again because it focuses on people. People buy from people. Even in the most complex buying situations, you are still dealing with a living, breathing person.

While your buyer’s journey has changed over the years, what hasn’t changed is the fact they are still human, which means they have an emotional element to their buying decisions, and more than ever they desire that human connection.

How can you maximise the personal touch?

Subscriber list.

When your customers sign up to receive your newsletters, they are giving you permission to drop into their inbox with valuable content and offers. Personalising your offerings is much easier when you can refer to your customer by name.

Using specific lead magnets to attract your target audience to join your subscriber list helps you tap into the challenges they face. Knowing what pain points your customer struggles with provides the opportunity to supply the ideal personalised solutions.

Listen to your customers.

Showing up for your customer means understanding what they are saying. It’s up to you to answer (and ask) the right questions. Listen to what your audience wants and needs.

Everything changes when we feel heard.

It’s your job to understand the needs, motivations, and preferences of your audience and this can be done through real time conversations (personal interaction). Don’t get caught up by worrying about the next question you want to ask. When you do this you don’t listen to any of your customers’ answers. Make an effort to practice your listening skills.

Create content they need

When you understand what your customer is struggling with you can tell them about the solutions you provide.

Using storytelling techniques is the most powerful way to sell without selling. It gives you the opportunity to share how your products or services have overcome challenges and made your customers’ lives better.

Falling in love with sales

There’s an acronym I use when speaking at events that reinforces the need for that personal touch in sales and that is LOVING

L = Love

O = Opportunity

V = Value

I = Integrity

N = Nurture

G = Giving

Why the personal touch matters in sales | Jules White | Business Sales

When I talk about love in a sales setting I’m referring to both understanding your ideal customer and their why and having real clarity on your own passion and purpose. Knowing the answers to these questions helps you to plan your sales journey and stay focused. When you connect on a personal level with your customer you are matching a solution (YOUR solution) to their needs.

Not only does this build relationships with your audience it also helps you fall in love with sales and selling as it takes out the overwhelm and anxiety.

Values play an important role in the personal touch of your business. Knowing your goals and aspirations allows you to show up aligned with your core values. When you do this it tells your customers that you are the expert and they can release any fears or doubts about working with you.

You are the face of your business. You are also the heart and soul. When you let your personality shine through everything you do you are showing up as your authentic self. Only through a genuine personal connection can you build trust with your customer and work with integrity.

Once you begin to build those all-important relationships with your audience you can then nurture their customer experience. Life skills are sales skills, and you now have the opportunity to demonstrate those skills to help your audience.

At this stage, you should be asking yourself if you are visible, curious, and helping your target audience. Answering these questions will guide you in a heart-centred way. When you work in this way you show up for your audience in a way they will remember.

Make a relationship, not a sale – how can you help your audience? What are you going to do for them? Why are you the one that can help them?

Maintain that personal touch throughout your customers’ sales experience and they will keep coming back for more.

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