You’ll hear me talk about falling in love with sales all the time, and there’s a good reason why I feel that you should stop selling to your customers and start loving them.

I help passionate business owners get clear on their ‘why’ and develop the strategies necessary to sell in an authentic human way because I know it creates amazing results.

The days of pushy sales techniques are over. A new dawn has arisen, and it’s all about the art of human selling without fear and assumptions. Unlocking your unique human proposition allows you to strengthen, bond, and deliver an unparalleled sales experience.

What is Unique Human Proposition®?

Feeling demotivated when your leads aren’t converting to sales can significantly impact small business owners. I find time and again that out of date sales strategies are the reason for this lack of results.

Did you know that you already have the most powerful differentiator in your sales arsenal? It’s YOU and your team – your UHP®, the Unique Human Proposition®.

People buy from people, and that need for connection, trust, and human interaction has never been more necessary than at the present moment. We want to deal with a living, breathing person.

Your customer’s journey has changed, and their emotions now drive their buying decisions. The UHP® programme that I have developed over 30 years of wide-ranging sales experience helps you to understand these emotional drivers, appreciate the desire your customers have for human connection and work with it instead of against it.

Think of the Unique Human Proposition® as the emotional glue that holds your sales strategies together. This is big picture sales with YOU at the centre. Being unique in your sales strategy makes you memorable, and showing up for your customers like no other business will reap the benefits.

How do you Build Small Business Success Using your UHP®?

There are seven processes to follow in my UHP® programme, and each one acts as a piece to your unique puzzle.

  • Understanding your sales mindset and your companies why.
  • Identifying your ideal client and their why.
  • Discovering the value journey and productisation.
  • Understanding how storytelling connects to your strategy.
  • Thinking about collaboration in sales.
  • Presenting solutions with value.
  • Working out a consistent sales strategy while nurturing ongoing relationships.

Flipping your sales strategy on its head will let you build small business success. To find out more about my Unique Human Proposition® programme and how it can help you, schedule a chat with me HERE.

As a business owner, you aim to make sure your clients are having the best experience possible, and this includes providing them with the human and emotional connection they crave. To find out exactly what your customer needs, you may have to ask the customers’ themselves. My article How Does Your Business Look to Your Customers can help you with this.

Top 5 Tips for Success

When it comes to building small business sales success, there are certain factors that I count as the Holy Grail.

The truth is without sales you have no business. This can be overwhelming and create a barrier between you and your potential customers.

How can you cut that overwhelm and build success? The Live it Love it Sell it Sales Academy offers you everything you could need to achieve the success you deserve.

  • Inspiration – building a network of like-minded business owners who are experts in their field provides a never-ending pot of inspiration. Through online networking, Podcasts, YouTube videos, Webinars, blog posts, books, and other valuable content, you can build up a bank of resources and connections.
  • Community – many small business owners are also solopreneurs, which means you may be everything to everyone and struggling to cope alone. That doesn’t have to be the case. Our community provides the support and guidance you need no matter what stage your business is at. In our online Academy ‘coffee shop’, we gather to meet, network, and chat.
  • Rewards – everyone loves an incentive, and the Sales Academy has something that all business owners would be excited about. Through our collaboration with Incentivesmart, we offer members a reward scheme where ‘points make prizes!’ The more you engage and learn within the online High Street setting, the more rewards you can collect.
  • Resources – why spend your precious time searching for the information you need when everything you could want is readily available in a Pick ‘n’ Mix fashion. The Academy shares a wealth of video lessons and PDF downloads to help you fall in love with sales. Add this resource to the regular monthly lives and newsletters, and you’ll discover features that fit smoothly into your everyday business life.
  • Human connection – I can’t talk about the power of your Unique Human Proposition® without sharing the live Academy events. Within our online Box Office, you can book a seat to any weekly live event talking about every aspect of business life, motivation, storytelling in its many variables, and sales.

Find out more about the Live it Love it Sell it Sales Academy here – Behind the Scenes.

Sales was always a cold, unwelcoming term to me. Encompassing conversations trying to persuade an unsuspecting individual that they needed my service. The Live it Love it Sell it – Sales Academy has been a real eye-opener for me. I’m learning to love sales, I’m learning that sales is all about me and my love and passion for what I do. The content, lessons, lives and totally supportive community is worth every penny. Thank you, Jules.Andrea Rainsford, SEO Angel.

Are you ready to make changes to your small business sales?

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Still need to find out more? My article, 4 Reasons Why Joining a Membership Will Help Your Business Grow.

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