Sales and selling have changed beyond recognition over the last twelve months as we continue to navigate a global pandemic. Focus shifted from setting challenging business goals to supporting our personal development, mindset, and work/life balance.

With all these changes in the way we run our businesses or how we shop as consumers, our view of sales would inevitably adapt.

Understanding how our customers now buy our products or services is more critical than ever. We know how much our own priorities have changed, so it’s only to be expected that what is now important to our customers has also changed. You might find my recent post, How Does Your Business Look to Your Customer, interesting for exploring this further. The power of communication and listening to our customers is the only way we’re going to find out how we can offer the support our audience needs from us now.

Stop living in the past

Sales is, at its core, all about presenting solutions to people’s problems. We’ve all watched as businesses closed their doors, some for a few months, others forever. The hospitality industry ground to a halt and now waits patiently for the chequered flag to drop, marking the UK’s end of restrictions. Retail shops were also forced to close their high street doors, but many survived as they adapted their services and launched virtual stores.

This is a clear example of how a business can live in the now and stop living in the past. It would have been easy to throw in the towel and shut up shop, but the small business owners I work with appreciate the commitment they have to their customers. They found a way to provide the solutions needed by evolving and being in the present.

The Office for National Statistics published a dataset showing the value of internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales, which shows an increase in total retail sales from 18.9% to 32.8% in just four months (February 2020 – May 2020). A clear example of retailers living and selling in the now.

There was, of course, those businesses that had no way of adapting, such as hairdressers, salons, airlines, nightclubs, and the like. Many of these companies have been able to apply for government funding, and have used their time constructively by refreshing their premises, or getting inventive with their ongoing marketing. It has been inspiring to watch their creativity and perseverance. The end of lockdown can’t come quick enough for them.

The truth is, without sales, you have no business, which can be overwhelming for many small business owners. This anxiety can create a barrier between you and your potential customers under most normal circumstances. Throw in a global pandemic, and you may be tempted to revert to outdated sales techniques that don’t work.

Stop worrying about the future

There is still so much uncertainty about how our businesses and economy will recover after the pandemic. We could drive ourselves crazy, trying to forecast how the landscape will change yet again.

Many of our customers will still be nervous about venturing beyond their front door, so we need to accommodate their new needs and concerns.

How sales and selling will reshape itself is out of our control. We can concentrate on the now and deliver the best services and products we can with the tools at our disposal.

Embrace the now

We’re living and selling in unchartered territory, but worrying about what happened last year or getting anxious about what might happen in the future isn’t going to help you or your customer.

Instead, we need to embrace the now and do what’s suitable for ourselves and our ideal clients.

The majority of us have shifted to working virtually. The availability of platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams has opened up opportunities that we may never have dreamt possible before. Businesses are finding digital platforms to be up to three times more important to their customers than traditional sales methods.

Social media has evolved to include new areas such as Clubhouse. The more relaxed nature of sales and selling has allowed customers to connect with companies through Facebook lives, Instagram stories, Webinars, and Podcasts. The digital platforms have managed to bring more of us together and opened up an alternative way of connecting with our audience.

Keeping tabs on the new developments in technology and software is essential to your new relationship with sales. Those companies that are thriving were able to adapt in the moment and meet their customers’ changing needs.

The changing landscape of sales

You’ll hear me talk about the importance of human connection when it comes to selling all the time. My promise is you’ll never look at sales in the same way again.

I take my clients on a journey that helps them truly connect with their ideal client in an authentic and meaningful way – something that we need to embrace if we hope to navigate the current climate and sell in the now.

Let me take you on a road trip to reach the sales results you should have and deserve!

I’m highly biased because we’re on similar wavelengths, but Julie offers a human approach to sales that may be the best solution to what’s currently wrong with sales.” Garret Adkins, Amplero – Greater Seatle USA

Are you ready to start selling in the now?

What next?

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