My gorgeous business is celebrating its fourth birthday this month. That’s four glorious years of teaching people how to fall in love with sales. Four years of authentic human selling. Four years of working with passionate entrepreneurs and businesses.

No matter how big or how small, I encourage my clients to celebrate their achievements. So, it was only fitting that I did the same when it came to my business birthday!

Teaching my Live It Love It Sell It methodology has been an absolute joy and watching my clients face their fears and perfect their pitch is a fabulous reward.


If you’ve read my book, you’ll know how much I love talking sales with entrepreneurs because it’s where sales are most genuine, honest, and authentic.

Entrepreneurs run their business based on passion and go above and beyond to create solutions for their clients. Growing their business becomes the driving force behind the opportunities they can provide for their audience year after year.

I’m therefore delighted to announce a fabulous growth in my own business by introducing you to the fantastic Ellie Wilson, who will be joining my team this month.

Ellie is our Head of Business Growth (she has fondly called herself our HOG!) and we are already eating too many biscuits and eating cake! She has promised that next week there will be no more of this and the serious work begins!

Ellie walked in to an interview with me 5 years ago when I was Head of Sales at a digital marketing agency and I knew instantly that she had got that job. Her warmth, her UHP oozed out of her and she proved in the following year that she had what it takes to sell in that human way. Customers just loved her.

I vowed that when I was ready I would come back for her as she stayed at the agency until just a week ago.

It feels so great to have that trust and undeniable belief that someone is just right for your business. Cut her in half and she will say ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ – she gets it.

Please do connect with her on LinkedIn if you haven’t already. There you will get to know even more about her.

Time for a facelift

Alongside the team expansion and business birthday, we also have a new home for our Facebook Group, The Sales Hub. This group is the perfect place to receive help with building your business in a human centred way, using my Live It Love It Sell It methodology.

The group members show up as their authentic selves and share their skills, values, and ‘isms’. It’s the perfect community to help you discover your very own UHP – Unique Human Proposition®

Add to that new branding for Jules White. It is time having built my own UHP® for the last four years to become part of the brand. I live and breathe this work and so I want to make Jules White a central part of the brand. I am ready.

This month has been all about ‘blooming’ in your business, and I certainly feel ‘blooming marvellous’ to share our exciting news with you all!

Want to be part of the next four years and beyond?

When I started in sales, I wanted to help anyone with anything for everything! Over time I realised this wasn’t possible. I developed my own methodology that allowed me to fall in love with sales and selling, and more importantly, help my clients do the same.

It’s been an incredible journey to this point, and I look forward to inviting you along for the next part of our adventure.

Last year I was thrilled to launch my exciting new membership – The Sales Academy – with your very own high street themed community. I continue to build on this and create valuable content for the members who want to connect, learn, and belong.

When I was growing up, I spent my days in my dad’s newsagent shop, where everyone did their shopping. My dad was John. Everyone knew him, and he knew everyone too! Back then, life revolved around community, and to us, as humans, we are at our happiest when we feel like we belong.

Although my beloved dad isn’t with us today, his spirit has undoubtedly guided me and my business decisions over the last four years. When I designed my membership, I knew the theme would have to centre on the one place I first fell in love with sales – my dad’s shop.

Every part of this community is about connection, learning, and belonging set around a virtual high street.

Joining our membership could be the most important decision you make today and one that helps you celebrate many business birthdays.

What do you get in the Live It Love It Sell It Membership?

You get your very own community high street:

  • Sweet Shop (Online Sales Training)
  • Book Shop (Sales, Business & Personal Development Books)
  • Box Office (Online Live Sales & Business Events)
  • Inspiration Salon (Webinars, Recordings & Podcasts)
  • Optician (Unique Human Proposition)
  • Stationery Shop (Business Inspiration)
  • Music Shop (Downloadable Tunes)
  • Coffee Shop (Community Meet Ups)
  • The Bank (Loyalty and Rewards)

How much does membership cost?

The membership costs £47 per month (£360 for an annual membership). That’s the price of one cup of coffee a day! Not bad when you consider the benefits to you and your business.

The High Street offers so much I only wish I had more hours in the day! I joined to be part of an ongoing business development learning community, its delivered exactly that, the gift that keeps on giving.  From the bite sized training sessions in the Sweet Shop to the Box Office Live learning events (which are also recorded) to the Music shop where I go to feel motivated! There is so much valuable and easy to digest content that is supporting my personal and business development goals, plus the community is FULL of brilliant, supportive humans that encourage each other along the way, it’s a one stop shop!” Tina Jennings – Chief Change Officer – Cosán Cróga Ltd

I would be delighted if you could join me and Ellie as we celebrate our business birthday this month. Connect with us on social media, read our blog, listen to the podcasts, throw yourself into our community on Facebook, or join the membership. No matter how you show up, continue to do it your way!

Now we’ve started!

Join me in the Live it Love it Sell it Sales Academy for £47 a month (£360 per annum) and get all the support, resources, and community interaction you need.

Want to find out more? Schedule a virtual cuppa with me, and we can have a chat about the membership or my other coaching services.