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Fear of Selling: Do You Compare Your Business to Others? - Jules White

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Did you know that 80% of global internet users access their social media content using mobile devices? That means the majority of us are carrying the weight of the world with us all day every day.

It might be handy to have instant access to information, maps, finance, and other platforms, but as you scroll from app to app do you notice any comparisonitis creeping in?

What on earth is comparisonitis, Jules?

I’m glad you asked. This term captures someone’s ability to compare their achievements to another person’s and thereby determine the importance of their success.

We all need a bit of inspiration and motivation to help push ourselves out of that comfort zone. I know from conversations I had online that people were inspired by my Hadrian’s Wall challenge. This is a good use of using other people’s success to motivate yourself.

Comparisonitis, however, can be detrimental to your business and your wellbeing if left unchecked.

  • Do you find yourself scrolling through your competitor’s or peer’s marketing material online and comparing it to your own content?
  • Do you see fellow business owners being nominated for awards and instantly feel worthless?
  • Have you wanted to copy words or phrases, or even product titles because they sound better than yours?

This is comparisonitis in full flow.

These feelings and actions don’t serve you. Nothing good comes from comparing yourself or your business with others. In fact, all of this distraction stops you looking at this in another way, as a great opportunity.

How can I stop comparing my business to others?

In my book, Live It Love It Sell It, I talk about the little voice that stops you from being your true self. The negative inner chatter that can derail you and the nagging doubts that keep you from your full potential. (And by the way, this inner voice is always trying to keep you safe – it’s that old caveman brain at work again!)

Comparisonitis feeds on this voice.

I love talking sales with entrepreneurs because it’s where sales are the most real and authentic. Business owners are honest and passionate about their products or services and have a desire to sell in a human way.

When you believe in your individuality and authenticity any comparisonitis melts away. The need to compare yourself to others becomes redundant as you embrace your unique set of skills.

From a business point of view, you hope to create lasting relationships and connect with your audience. Those relationships are built on trust, loyalty and the ability to be uniquely you. Through storytelling, you and your business have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

No-one else has your stories and experiences – they are yours and are unique to you. There is no worth in comparing them to anything or anyone else. If you’ve ever listened to my webinars or podcasts you will hear me say ‘stay in your own lane’ all the time. It’s my mission to help my clients embrace who they are by sharing their stories – no comparisons necessary!

Learn to sell and promote your business ‘Your Way’

I mentioned the art of using other people’s stories to motivate and inspire you. Doing this is a fabulous way of thinking outside the box when it comes to your business sales strategy.

Recognising if and when you are triggered to start comparing yourself is a worthwhile exercise and can help you build more confidence in your own abilities. When you notice any comparisonitis creeping in, take a step back and think about why you feel this way. What can you do to switch your thinking?

Celebrating your achievements is a fabulous way to remember all the amazing things you’ve done and this can bring you back to the present.

Watching what other businesses do to sell their products and services is a worthwhile task if you can remain objective. You want this exercise to give you a pot of ideas or motivation to do something better, not lead you down a path of self-deprecation.

Storytelling is my favourite sales tool. You are the best person to sell your business because you know your ideal client inside and out, you know your product and services, and only you understand why you started your business in the first place. YOU are your most powerful tool for selling. There is plenty of work for everyone, so embrace your personality, skills, and passion and share this with your audience. Your UHP – Unique Human Proposition®

Instead of buying into an illusion that can be easily created online think about the content you can share that offers your client a real-life view of your business – warts and all! Authentic people aren’t afraid to share their mistakes as well as their achievements.

Open the lines of communication

Have you ever connected with a celebrity or influencer online and received a message back? Are there businesses that you dream about collaborating with?

The beauty of online platforms is the accessibility you have to everyone. Yes, it can make it far too easy to start comparing your business to the ones that seem to sizzle and glow in the dark, but it’s also a great way to steer yourself away from those comparisons. You can connect with influential people who may have hit rock bottom, struggled with self-doubt, or had to reinvent themselves.

Hearing stories from big names in the business world talking about their anxiety and worries will help you know you are not alone. Think of a swan gliding across the water holding itself upright with grace and beauty (what you show the outside world) and then think about its feet paddling like crazy beneath the surface (what you don’t show the outside world).

Everyone can relate to this, but it’s vital to understand that the people you may be comparing yourself with are also paddling like crazy – they’re just not being fully authentic and showing the world this part of themselves

Learn to embrace your uniqueness, build your confidence, and watch that comparisonitis dissolve as you find your feet, sell yourself and your business, and discover your own sizzle.

Remember there is no other ‘YOU’ on the planet, and that right there is just wonderful!

Goodbye comparisonitis!

What next?

Joining the Sales Academy will help you boost your confidence and put a stop to comparisonitis in your business and sales strategy. It will also help you fall in love with selling while meeting like-minded business owners. Find out more HERE.

There’s still time to join in the challenge!

Starting on Monday 7th February, I will be running a Face Your Fears 5-day ‘Fall in Love with Sales’ Challenge.

You get five days of learning opportunities with the bonus of a fantastic prize for the winner at the end of the week. Signup for this fun yet effective challenge

Since reading Julesbook my life has changed direction. I subsequently did a road sales trip day with her where we developed my business idea, Connect -Clarify – Create. She has been an inspiration to me! Her positivity, compassion and understanding approach are a joy to work with. Although Sales is her thing she is generous with all of her vast knowledge and experience of business and life. I feel honoured to work with Jules.” Jean Fleming – Helping exhausted senior female leaders rediscover their va-va-voom through my Connect – Clarify – Create transformation program | Coach and Mentor