How do I sell my products or services?

That is a question I get asked all the time and one aspect of running a business that some people fear the most. Selling can feel scary and uncomfortable. It can mean stepping out of your comfort zone and talking about yourself and what you do. I understand that the very idea of selling can impact your sales success as those fears, assumptions, and limiting mindset beliefs get in the way.

When I work with my coaching clients and the members of The Sales Academy, I often refer to the UHP – Unique Human Proposition® methodology.

In basic terms, YOU sit at the heart of selling, and that’s what your Unique Human Proposition is all about. Life skills are sales skills, and nobody has lived their life the same way as you have.

Before you can start selling your products or services, you need to focus on loving your clients and understanding your Unique Human Proposition and how that helps them.

Love your clients

In my book, Live it, Love it, Sell it, I talk about the importance of ruling out the wrong people to work with as much as finding the right audience. You aim to work with people who fit your niche. Businesses that attempt to offer a ‘one size fits all’ strategy will struggle to connect with anyone.

Identifying your ideal client makes the sales process so much easier. Your message and the solutions you can offer your audience will be much more powerful if you know exactly who you are helping. I focus on emotion when looking at ideal client, and I’m often told it’s a light bulb moment doing it this way!

People buy into people, and people connect when they resonate with stories, which is why we connect emotionally and build trust.

Begin by reviewing your ideal client and start to build up your connection with them. Listen to what they are saying and the issues they’re struggling with. Imagine how they feel before you’ve even worked with them. You’ll hear me say you have to acknowledge the hell in order to sell.

Understand and appreciate their point of view so that you can offer them the best solution to their problem. This is how the human connection works in business. By being you, caring about your clients, and providing the best service you can (so they remember you), you are working within your Unique Human Proposition zone.

When you focus on your ideal client work and consider that human connection, you’ll truly understand the wants and needs of your individual clients. Your confidence will grow, which, in turn, boosts your passion and productivity.

Sales and selling will become effortless as you connect emotionally to your audience, build authentic relationships, and win more business.

Find your clients

You may be thinking, “Hey Jules, I want to love my clients, but how do I find them?”

To find your tribe, you must focus on your ideal client review and actively search for the right audience. Think about a handful of your current clients, the ones you love to work with and do a spot of research.

  • Where do they hang out online, and how did they find you?
  • What did they struggle with that you were able to help fix?
  • What keeps them coming back for more?
  • And who do they know who you could help, as they are likely to share the same values as them.

If you’re unsure about the answers, why not ask them! A quick Zoom call with your favourite clients could unearth a treasure trove of market research to help you find future clients that fit with your values, or maybe a survey which also acts as a check in and an excuse to connect.

Sharing genuine stories and social proof helps the process of connecting to your ideal client. They are out there right now looking for you. By being unique on your social platforms, in-person dealings, and work ethic, you will attract your ideal audience.

The golden rule is be regularly visible with a consistent and relevant massage. People will recognise who you are and how you help. Regular, Consistent, Relevant.

Value your clients

What makes you feel valued?

Think about how YOU feel as a client, and then put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What would bring your clients back to work or buy from you over and over?

Here are a few of my favourite ways to ensure my clients feel valued:

  • I listen
  • I thank them for their loyalty
  • I’m honest
  • I share my skills and experiences
  • I connect authentically
  • I stay in touch

All in all, I love my clients, and my actions confirm this. Through storytelling, human connection, and authenticity, I build lasting relationships. My clients know what they are getting from me, and they trust that I’ll deliver on my promises.

When you move a client from a place of pain to a place of pleasure (I call this the Hell to Heaven route), you take them on a journey. You show your ideal client that you understand their struggles, relate to their pain, and provide them with the right solutions that will have a knock-on effect for them emotionally and practically.

“I was so impressed with Jules professionalism and approach that I have since recommended her to six other connections who have seen similar benefits to me, which are; a much greater conversion from prospect to lead and ultimately sale, by having deeper, richer conversations with clients. Far better understanding of what our service means to my clients. Far greater appreciation of the emotional investment clients make with us.

The work was so successful that we now have ten new clients we most likely wouldn’t have had.”Richard Stone, CEO Stone Contracts

What next?

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