Without sales, you have no business, but how do you navigate the sales arena during, or following a pandemic? 

The economic impact caused by coronavirus and the lockdowns across the globe is enormous, but the lifting of restrictions may not be enough to restart business growth. 

We are all eager to boost our businesses, attract new clients and customers, and regain some normality again, but it’s going to take time. In the meantime, it’s worth re-evaluating your business needs, services or products, and looking at what journey you really provide to your buyer. Are you just selling to your customers? Should you be doing more?

A recent Goldman Sachs headline highlights the differences the pandemic has had on a variety of businesses.Light at the End of the Tunnel or an Oncoming Train? Depends on Where You Are Standing.” It’s an interesting observation as we watch service-based businesses such as cafes, hotels, gyms, salons, and hairdressers scramble to recoup their losses. Alternatively, those businesses who were able to adapt and take advantage of virtual meetings, workshops, courses, and adjusting their products are thriving. 

Time to refocus

Lockdown has forced us all to shop differently. Most of us have adapted to online shopping for food, clothes, and other essentials, and it’s no different for your customers. There is one significant difference between your client doing a Tesco shop, and booking a call with you – one is a necessity, the other is a possibility. 

So back to that buyer  journey and how it is critical that you focus on how it should look right now to meet the new needs of your clients. What is the best way to understand and nurture that journey? We cannot assume anything. Buyers  may be fearful of how you are working because their safety (social distancing) is of paramount importance. The risks are more significant and you need to reassure your customers that they are safe and you have a plan in place to work in a safe manner. Please don’t allow them to go elsewhere because you haven’t provided up-to-date information on the way you work now we are living with the pandemic. Communication is key. You can read more about the Art of Using Words HERE.

Let’s look at some of the typical pain points you have struggled with concerning your  sales, and how these issues may have changed during the pandemic:

You know you need to do things differently, but you don’t know what to do.

Before you ever heard of Covid-19, you may have wondered how to make changes to your business, increase your skills, or attract a new client base. Now, your competitors have adapted; some now make new products, and service industries have switched to Zoom or Microsoft Teams, are launching online courses, podcasts, and engaging on their social platforms. You may feel left behind and worried you’ll be forgotten. 

You worry that your ideal client will not be willing to pay the asking price of your product or service.

Getting your pricing right can be an emotional journey, but throw a pandemic into the mix and you not only have to struggle with your limiting beliefs but also the realisation that your clients may have hit financial difficulties. How do you go about pricing your products or services now?

You have tried different sales techniques, but they feel unnatural and never work.

Your customers’ motivations have been altered irrevocably due to the pandemic, and this will impact all your sales techniques and opportunities moving forward. How do you discover a new way of selling?

Fortunately, the Live it Love it Sell it sales road trip can help you adapt to the new definition of sales success and make selling feel natural, effortless, and enjoyable once again. Not only that, the UHP – Unique Human Proposition® forms a key part of the work I do to establish your greatest asset in sales – you and your people. 

How can a new approach to sales help?

It’s great practice to take a fresh look at your sales strategy, refocus your goals, and come back stronger than before. It gives the seller (you!) the opportunity to reassess your sales road map, understand your buyer’s journey, and create a unique approach which is only yours, because there is no other you on the planet! 

Give yourself the chance to tap into your own life skills and pandemic experience to make you a better salesperson. Use this knowledge to eradicate your fear of selling post-coronavirus.

Spend time looking at how your buyers’ purchasing trends have shifted and how you can put new strategies in place to accommodate their evolving needs. Understanding your value in this new world allows you to see how your client can also value the new you.

As we’ve all adjusted to the virtual business world, it’s more important than ever to reassure your customers that your aftercare services are still reliable, and customer care will always be your priority. 

Ultimately you will stop selling to your customers and start loving them. 

What does the Live it Love it Sell it sales road trip include?

I’m here to guide you through your sales road trip that will give you the confidence and techniques to thrive beyond the pandemic.

You will get clarity on your ‘why’ and learn how to sell in an authentic heart-centred way to get stunning results.

My Live it Love it Sell it methodology includes:

  • Exercises for discovering your strengths and values using them to build solid sales relationships 
  • How to connect with your ideal client in an empathetic and authentic way
  • How to get the results you want and deserve organically
  • A unique strategy that works specifically for your personality – your UHP®
  • How to be 100% comfortable and confident in your post-pandemic business conversations
  • A new way of thinking about sales that your customers will notice immediately. 

Want to learn more about working with me? Get my FREE sales road map to help you sell with confidence here.  Or take advantage of a virtual cuppa to find out how I can help you navigate your sales journey after a pandemic HERE.

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