What a difference 10 years make…

There is always time for reflection and I was having a look back at my Truly Madly Baby days and the impact Dragons’ Den had had on my life. What happened after I lost that business spanned over an 8 year period and changed me dramatically.

At the time the PR was overwhelming – interviews here, there and everywhere, further TV appearances on Dragons’ Den – Where are they now, The Money Programme, a regular slot on The Baby Channel, which doesn’t exist any more, radio interviews on our local BBC and Heart FM radio stations and appearances on our local news too. Add to that several National and Regional business awards. One word for that three years could have been ‘whirlwind’ .

When I moved house last year I came across all of my memories from having my business which was actually quite lovely. No need for me to feel any sadness around a wonderful idea and business community that I had worked hard to build. No-one can take that away from me so I cherish it. I learnt so much.

I came across this particular interview for our local paper and it made me realise how much changes in 10 years. I thought it would be fun to compare the answers if I were to answer them today, so here we go…

MK Citizen – local magazine – 2007

Julie White dared to step into the Dragon’s Den when she started up her new business Truly, Madly, Baby last year. The nerve-wracking experience paid off – literally – and the panel invested in her. She now has 30 consultants for her products. www.trulymadlybaby.co.uk

Name: Julie White

Age: 38 years young!

Job: MD of Truly Madly Baby Ltd

Marital status/children:

Married to Richard – he’s my toy boy (ten years younger than me) and we have one beautiful little boy called Samuel, who is 14 months old. He’s my inspiration.

What is the most dangerous situation you have ever been in?

This has to be when I had a high speed blow out on the way back from the Midlands late one night. I had been out to my best friend’s hen night and was six months pregnant at the time. It was probably about 11.30pm on the M42 and very dark. I suddenly heard a loud noise at the back of the car and then my steering completely went. I had no control over the car whatsoever and went head-on into the crash barrier, did a 360 degree spin and shot across to the other side of the motorway onto the hard shoulder, facing the right way. I was quite disorientated, but managed to climb over the seat and get out and climb up the bank to discover that I was perfectly OK. I actually thought I had gone through the crash barrier and was just waiting for something to hit me — it was really scary, I really thought my time was up. I was fine, but the car was a write off!

Name your three favourite things in the world:

Walking by the sea — although I don’t like being in or on the sea, there is something very calming and wonderful about being by the sea. If it is cold and deserted it is even better.

A warm bed.

Chocolate…sorry, I couldn’t resist this one. What is your biggest regret? Not having as much time for my friends as I would like.

What is the most important lesson you have ever learnt from life?

That it is very precious and every minute should be cherished. Always think how lucky you are, and not how bad your day has been.

Describe your best ever holiday:

I went away with Richard (who was not my husband then) to a beautiful log cab in Cornwall between Christmas and New Year. It was set in the middle of a forest overlooking a mill pond. Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve we walked to a bridge overlooking the pond and pulled a cracker — inside was a beautiful engagement ring (a real one)! Richard proposed to me in the pouring rain completely out of the blue. Just as I said yes, it was midnight and people in the other cabins started to cheer and fireworks went off. It was magical!

When you get to heaven, who would you like to be on your cloud and why?

I’d like a big cloud because I would like all my family and friends.

Who or what is the love of your life? My husband Richard – and Samuel.

What three things can’t you live without? Slippers, cups of tea and music.

Describe yourself in four words. Determined, passionate, competitive and busy.

Who would you thank in your Oscar acceptance speech?

My family – corny I know, but true.

Jules White, 2017

And now my answers in 2017

Name: Julie White

Age: 48 – still young !

Job: Head Coach at Compassio Coaching

Marital status/children:

Single for the last 8 years ! Wonderful son who is now 12 – very proud of him. He’s still my inspiration — always.

What is the most dangerous situation you have ever been in?

I’m pleased to say I haven’t to date been in a situation more scary than my car accident, and long may that continue.

Name your three favourite things in the world:

My son

My two dogs Dotty and Yogi

Dotty (left) Yogi – HQ employees

Peanut Cookies – new discovery in the last 10 years.

What is the most important lesson you have ever learnt from life?

When you have nothing and you’ve lost everything, you still actually have something. You just have to find the strength to find it.

Describe your best ever holiday:

St Lucia – the Body Holiday – just the most special place in the world. This was truly a holiday where I found out who I was, just after I lost my beautiful dad. I came back a different person. Took time for me to really think about what I wanted to do with my life and what was important. I plan to go back or my 50th birthday.

When you get to heaven, who would you like to be on your cloud and why?

My Mum and Dad are currently making that cloud comfy and ready for when we meet again — two more people who were here in 2007 and sadly are not today. I’m guessing they are watching over everything I do though as I often feel them around me and here them telling me they are very proud of me.

Who or what is the love of your life?

My son — never ceases to amaze me with how he handles life, and how he loves me as his mum. He is wise as if he has lived before and I am truly blessed.

What three things can’t you live without?

Still Slippers, still a good strong cup of builder’s tea – although only 1 1/2 sugars now not 2 !!, and music is one thing that does get your through no matter what life throws at you. 

Describe yourself in four words.

Wise, Passionate, Optimistic, Happy

Who would you thank in your Oscar acceptance speech?

I think we can always find someone to thank who has helped us on our way and I have been so lucky to have had wonderful friends, amazing parents, who I miss dearly, and of course my Sam – who has helped to make me who I am today; but I would also thank myself — for being resilient, for fighting and working so hard to make it through the last ten years. Matthew McConaughy did a wonderful speech when he got his oscar – watch it here – this is what I mean – you can be your own hero.

The moral of the story

Ten years is a long time, and so much happens, so much changes, but it also goes so quick. If anyone had told me in 2007 that I was going to feel so much pain, and lose so much I would not have believed them, but if anyone had told me that I would grow so much as a person and I would actually gain more than I have ever done in life and be completely the best me I have ever been, I also wouldn’t have believed that.

It’s great to look back at what I achieved and where I came from and I will be forever proud of what I created. On my new journey as a coach I want to share some of that journey, but in an inspirational way that gives the people I meet great hope that we really can do whatever we want to do. 

Your life story makes you who you are today, but you always choose the ending. That is up to you. 

Have a great day!