If you follow me on social media, read my blogs, or listen to my podcasts, you’ll have heard me talk about your UHP® over and over.

UHP – Unique Human Proposition® is a phrase I created following years of being taught that sales was all about your USP – Unique Sales Proposition.

For many years sales were driven by targets. Every sales team was under pressure to go that extra mile, make one more call, and push relentlessly. Nobody realised back then there was another way. Every sales manager pushed their team to deliver and never stopped to consider the impact on staff and customers alike.

Over the years buyers became smarter, more informed and the likes of Google really meant that we had to change how we sell and consider that actually the buyer is King!

Fall in love with sales again

I’m here to tell you there’s another way; a more effective and enjoyable process that can help you to fall in love with sales and selling all over again.

Business owners today appreciate the need for organic growth. To sustain that growth, you need a unique sales process that sets you apart from other businesses. When I developed the Unique Human Proposition® Programme, it was to help business owners understand the importance of a customer journey. I used over 30 years of sales experience in various sectors, and in various sales roles including Director Level, with small and large corporations to put together my big picture strategy.

People buy people. Our emotional wants and needs influence our buying decisions, and we crave human connection as part of that customer experience.

Q: How can you stand out from the crowd?

A: By showing up as your authentic self.

When you follow the Live it Love it Sell it sales road trip you start to understand who you are, who your customer is and how your customer buys from you. By digging deep into this journey, you will reap the benefits and begin to love the sales process again. Why? Because you will understand that all of your life skills are indeed the same skills that you use when selling.

How does your UHP® help?

Your UHP® gives your business value and sets you apart from others because it focuses on your greatest asset – YOU!  As an individual, no one in the world has what you have, no one has your stories, and nobody does what you do the way you do it.

The vision of the UHP® Programme is to help businesses realise their most significant asset when selling is their people. Every member of your team tells a story in their own way, in a language that’s true to them. It’s this form of storytelling that becomes a powerful sales tool. Not only do your team members become memorable to your customers, but so does your business.

Most business owners can identify with the following challenges:

  • Not knowing their strengths when it comes to sales
  • Lack of clarity in their sales strategy
  • Not understanding the benefit of core values in business
  • No clear definition of their ideal client and how they feel emotionally
  • Not having a process that allows them to nurture customer relationships
  • Unsure how to create a sales strategy for today’s business world
  • No clarity or definition of the value journey

Understanding how your UHP® fits into these challenges helps you to develop the solutions needed to thrive as a business. Today’s businesses are not like they were before, and nor are any of us as people. Do you understand how you sell today, rather than how you have always sold?

The UHP® Programme

Every customer needs to feel supported and nurtured. They want to know you understand them and can connect with the issues they have. As a business owner, you should make sure your customers have the best experience possible, but the only person who can answer that is the customers’ themselves. This is where ‘stepping into their shoes can help.

Remember, sales isn’t about selling to your customers; sales is about LOVING your customers.







So how does the UHP® experience deliver an unparalleled sales strategy?

  1. Be YOU. It’s the biggest asset you have
  2. Don’t do what you’ve always done
  3. It’s the buyers’ journey – nurture them and go at their pace
  4. Don’t chase the target
  5. Create customers for life

There are eight stages to work through to get you started on creating your Unique Human Proposition®.

Sales mindset – mindset is huge in personal development, let alone in your sales strategy. When the mindset is right, sales can flow, and you can show your customer your confidence, expertise and build that all important trust. In the programme, time is spent uncovering mindset motivation and giving you the tools needed to keep you on top.

Unique Human Proposition® – this stage is where we identify strengths, values, and uniqueness that plays such an essential role in your sales process.

The buyer’s journey – how much do you really know about your customers, and how much do you assume? This stage teaches you how to be more effective as you explore the buyer’s journey so you can travel alongside them.

What’s your value? – here, we look at the many types of value and how to take your customers on the value journey that suits them and you. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge to build a two-way relationship with your customers.

The human conversation – connection in sales is one of the most important things we now have to establish relationships with our customers. It’s very noisy out there, and in this session, you are shown how to differentiate who you are and why you do what you do.

Get visible – if you’re not visible, your customers won’t find you. We cover where and how to get visible and how to do it with the most significant impact and authenticity.

Keeping focus and managing your day – an updated session that offers practical tools to help you focus and remain productive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Virtual meetings – learn some of the top tips and things to consider when creating meetings for your team and customers online. We are likely to be in a hybrid way of doing business for some time yet.

What next?

If you want to find out more about how the UHP® Programme can help you and your sales team schedule a virtual cuppa with me.

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