Join the Live it Love it Sell it Experience and Embrace your UHP®

When I was growing up, I spent many days at my Dad’s newsagents. We lived above the shop on the local parade where everyone did their shopping. Watching my Dad’s life revolve around the community in such an engaging and positive way has stayed with me, and it’s this legacy that inspired my new membership.

Welcome to your High Street Community! Every part of this community is about giving you the opportunity to connect, learn and belong, and represents the value I will deliver.


The human connection is one of the most important parts of sales and everything that Live it Love it Sell it stands for. Connection is at the heart of your membership. Prepare to feel very much at home!


One thing we should always be is learning, and your membership will give you access to video and factsheets full of valuable learning about human selling. Live sessions will bring you guest experts as well as opportunities to Live it Love it Ask it


Any community works when you feel like you belong. This is one of the main reasons this membership has been created the way it has. Every customer who came into my Dad’s shop felt like they belonged there. There is the opportunity to network, take ownership of your membership and be in the spotlight!

The High Street

Each shop is part of the Live it Love it Sell it experience, and I can’t wait for you to start enjoying your shopping trip with me!

  • Sweet Shop – Pick ‘n’ Mix – help yourself. All the learning is in here!
  • Newsagent – For your latest news
  • Box Office – Live events to inspire you
  • Gift Shop – Latest Live it Love it Sell it merchandise
  • Opticians – Time to clearly see your UHP®
  • Stationery Shop – Inspirational daily thoughts
  • Music Shop – Listen to the tunes behind the brand
  • The Coffee Shop – The central meeting place, of course!
  • The Bank – your very own bank account of rewards

Who is the Live it Love it Sell it Experience for?

Are you passionate about your business? Do you want to sell yourself just as much as your products or services? Then this community was designed for you.

I’ve worked in sales for over 30 years, debunking myths about sales being all about formulas or pushiness. We all have the power to sell using our natural abilities, and the content created for this community will transform how you feel about sales and selling, and provide you with valuable tools to lift and empower you and your business.

If you want to learn more, then take a look at my YouTube video.

How does the experience work?

Do you remember the television show, Play Your Cards Right from the early eighties? It was a game show hosted by Bruce Forsyth where one of his iconic catchphrases was ‘what do points make?’ If you have just shouted ‘prizes!’ then you are spot on.

In your Live it Love it Sell it experience you will also be part of our ‘Love it’ reward scheme where you can ‘earn as you learn’.  I will be talking more about your very own bank account over the next few weeks so watch this space, and please do join my free Facebook group to keep up with the latest news!

Any high street has something to tempt every savvy shopper, and here’s what the community high street can offer you.

Sweet Shop – Pick ‘n’ Mix

Anyone with a sweet tooth like me will surely agree that this is the most important shop on the parade!

In the sweet shop, you’ll find a wealth of videos, PDF downloads, and resources to help you fall in love with sales. Pick ‘n’ Mix the materials you need to suit your business. Learning is a sweet treat for anyone interested in professional development, so be sure to visit the sweet shop and help yourself to a new and improved business lifestyle.

Newsagent – For your latest news

No high street is complete with a newsagent. It’s the perfect place to find out all the latest news from Live it Love it Sell it, as well as everything that’s trending in the world of sales. I’ll be sharing top tips, new apps, and so much more.

The newsagent is also the perfect place to collect some of those lovely points we talked about. We all know that when you are reading about sales, you are learning about sales, and so the more you read, the greater the rewards.

Box Office – Live events to inspire you

We all love a live event, and so every community needs a Box Office to help you choose the right event for you.

This is where you will go to book your seat on any one of our weekly live events, and as long as you book, you will always have a chance to see the replay.

Gift Shop – Find the latest Live it Love it Sell it merchandise

Opening up in October 2020, our gift shop will have all sorts of beautiful Live it Love it Sell it merchandise. Each piece has been lovingly designed by my fabulous friend and also my client. Now that’s a remarkable collaboration!

Opticians – Time to clearly see your UHP®

When you need to see more clearly, you head to the opticians, and your High Street is no different.

Here you will find a wealth of tools and resources devoted to the discovery of your UHP – Unique Human Proposition®

It’s time to uncover your ‘isms’ and the real YOU, and the opticians is the perfect place to visit for all the information you need.

Stationery Shop – Inspirational daily thoughts

Okay, I admit, the stationery shop is one of my favourites. It is the perfect place to come for inspiration, colour, and downloadable images that tap into your WHY and the purpose behind your business.

Sometimes we just need a bit of motivation in life or an idea that moves us forward when creating our human connections. You’ll find that and more in the stationery shop.

Music Shop – Listen to the tunes behind the brand

I’m delighted to add this shop to your high street community for more than one reason.

Firstly, what would life be like without music?! Secondly, the music behind the Live it Love it Sell it brand is all composed by SMILEY 🙂 which has a perfect Human Connection for me as SMILEY 🙂 is my son, Sam!

The Coffee Shop – The central meeting place

Any community coffee shop is where everyone comes together to meet, chat, and network. Our coffee shop is open to anyone who wants to ask for help, make suggestions, and generally find out more about your community.

The Bank – Your own bank account of rewards

Another fabulous collaboration for our high street is with reward provider Incentivesmart. As a member of the Live it Love it Sell it Experience you have a shiny new rewards account at the bank.

Our scheme is called the ‘Love it’ reward scheme, and helps to create loyalty by rewarding you for engaging and learning in the other high street stores.

I’m excited to be finally launching this membership, I hope you are too – it’s time. I have created a place to learn, a place to meet, a place to discover and a place to enjoy.

Most of all I have created a place for you to ‘belong’ – your very own community high street.

Find out more about the Live it Love it Sell it Experience HERE, or register your interest in our membership community HERE.