Do you want to get out of your comfort zone in the safety of your own home?!

Connect – Learn – Reflect


I know that most of us are fed up or worried or whatever emotion may be your ‘go to’ emotion, but listen up…if ever there is a time to turn a bad thing into a really exciting thing it is now.

Sales is the life blood of our businesses, and when you run a business you can’t do what you need or want to do without sales – my belief is that out of adversity comes great opportunity.

It may be you’re used to working from home, especially if you are a small business owner, but you will have never witnessed anything like this. It could lead to feeling like withdrawing, wanting to give up, and maybe even panic.

So let’s make the actions you now take, practical and beneficial ones. 

I’ve created a range of products that are not only affordable but we will have super focus on helping you to get through this uncertain time. There is nothing to lose.

You will connect with other people and your business

You will learn new ways to think about sales

You will have time to reflect on the work we do to maximise you next plan of action.


Live it Love it Sell it - Signed copy - £7.50

Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a great place to start. If you do nothing else then start with my book.

Let me take you on a sales road trip that will give you all of the basics to get you started. Come and fall in love with sales.

Group Zoom Q & A session - weekly

Bring your business question and I will answer it. Not only that this is a session with 10 places available so you will benefit from the answers given to all the other attendees.

Just £5 to get your seat and this will be a massively beneficial session. Shared connection, shared learning and lots of reflection.

Support and Survive - 1-2-1 online session - 90 mins - £75

This one is all about you! Now more than ever you may be feeling a bit lost or even if you have got some ideas it’s amazing to talk them through and just sense check them.

I have cut the price on this session from £199 to £75 because this is what team work is all about. So bring your best questions and goals and let’s make you a plan that supports you and also helps you to see how your business will not only survive but thrive!

A very special Pick 'n' Mix group programme

7 1/2 hours of learning – £120
Next programme starts 22nd April 8.30pm (UK time)