Time to refresh your sales strategy!

Thursday 17th June 10.30am

Discover The 3 Areas of Focus when Refreshing your Sales Strategy, and

Make Your Business Current, Memorable and Successful. 

When it comes to sales:

Do you feel that your sales strategy is stuck in the past and it now needs to change?

Perhaps you need to redefine your ideal customer, but don’t know where to start.

You know what you do has great value, but how do you ensure you understand what value now looks like to your customers?


❤️ You’d love to feel confident and clear about exactly what your message is and how you are differnt.

❤️ You’d love to truly understand what your customers need so you can better serve them with your products and services.

❤️ You’d love to be able to effortlessly show your customers that you provide great value, and understand what they believe value looks like.

Well, I’ve got some fabulous news for you!

You CAN attain all of the above and more.

Introducing the:

‘Time to refresh your sales strategy’ Masterclass Webinar

   In this one hour LIVE Masterclass, you’ll be taken on a journey to discover and unlock the 3 areas of focus to refresh your sales strategy.

You’ll learn:

How to build your mindset and confidence, so you feel empowered and clear on what your business looks like today. 

How to dig deep into your client’s emotions, wants and needs to confirm that your ideal customer is right for today.

How to understand and demonstrate the value your customer wants from you in order to build lasting relationships.


The power of community, connecting with like-minded people and how it can elevate your business.

In short, you’ll learn the guiding principles of

Live it. Love it. Sell it.

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to take advantage of this FREE Masterclass to provide you with real proven sales strategies you can apply to your business today.

On this training, as a mouth-watering taste of things to come, I will take you on a behind the scenes VIP whistle-stop tour of my High Street Sales Community.

Here you can take FULL advantage of a SPECIAL EXTRA SWEET BONUS available at the end. ❤️

The next webinar is available to book NOW

Don’t let misleading sales myths stifle your potential; you already possess everything you need to succeed, begin your sales transformation journey today and fall in LOVE with sales.

It’s the right time to refresh your sales strategy.


Seats will fill up fast.

I can’t wait to let you know the next date!

Jules x

Stop selling to your customers, start LOVING them

About Jules

Hi, I’m Jules White, award-winning international sales coach, author, TEDx speaker and passionate community builder.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses sell in an authentic human way that creates amazing results without the need for pushy sales techniques or questionable tactics.

I understand that the very idea of selling can be challenging for some, and that fear, assumptions and mindset can all get in the way. That’s why with what I teach, the art of human selling, you will realise you already possess everything you need.

I have 30 plus years of business and sales experience, selling everything from baby products to Yellow Pages. I’ve also secured investment from Peter Jones in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Along the way, I have come across many sales myths, and it is my life mission to slay them all, so you too can make more sales, help more people and create beautiful lasting relationships.

It’s not about me; it’s about you.

Love, Jules xx

Seats available to book now!

Thursday 17th June – 10.30AM