Motivated, courageous, human communicator and Dragon slayer. Inspiring people to sell in a human way.

I am Jules White and I specialise in sales and business coaching, mentoring and training and development for individuals too. Life skills are sales skills.

I am passionate about success in business and we will always need sales; for that reason my work is all about helping you understand that human selling is the only way to sell. People buy people. Start by understanding your personal brand and then understand that sales is about the ‘why’ – why is your prospect going to buy?

With 30 years of selling experience and having won investment from Peter Jones in the Dragons’ Den, I am driven, resilient and can’t wait to pass on that knowledge to the people I work with. Working with me is a unique experience.

Who are my ideal clients? Entrepreneurs with new businesses, ambitious leaders in established companies, where help is required to reach the next level of growth. It may be that things are not progressing as quickly as you would like and you can’t quite figure out how to move forward. Maybe your skill set is elsewhere and you are new to sales and you need someone to help you understand what it is all about.

My clients work with me because they have these challenges:-

I spend time quoting for business I don’t win
Proposals take me hours
My prospects always want to think about it
My prospects never want to pay my prices
People want something for nothing
There is no formula that works consistently
I want to be different but my sales process is very prescriptive

Strike a chord with you?

The ultimate result of working with me will be:-
New ideas
A support framework
A new approach to sales

You will sell on a level playing field and you will see the transaction not just from your perspective, but from the buyer’s too, because you will understand why he or she is going to buy.

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