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Hello social media friends who only comment on things of real interest to you  – I appreciate you so much

Hello lurkers who don’t ever comment or acknowledge my posts but take what they need from my thoughts and experiences – I appreciate you so much

Hello ‘muters’ (those of you who mute people), oh sorry, you won’t have seen any of my posts…🧐 as you muted me, and you probably won’t see this one either; not sure why we are friends…meant in the nicest way 🙃

It’s OK to be any of the above, but if this is social media then it’s also ok to be social and appreciate that we are all real humans, and in this blog I wanted to try and get my head around what I see social media meaning to me. I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings and as always I think it’s good to share.

I confess I don’t have some clever repetitive strategy on social media and I may well be slated for that, but I don’t want it to be a numbers game. When sales is a numbers game you just end up with mediocre relationships that may not last that long and are really not fulfilling. I have the same theory with social media. I want to make great connections for the right reasons and for longer lasting relationships.

Be my friend

I get lots of friend and connection requests on my social media channels every day, from people who I don’t know, and I went through a phase of just accepting them all, and then I thought well I don’t know why they want to be a friend or connected, and I’d like to know, so I guess it’s all about getting to know them, isn’t it?

This can be a long time consuming process, but in social media terms the friend request, follow or connection request is the start of the relationship. So just like in real life I thought I’d share with you some of the No No’s I have discovered in my years of connecting on social media.

You may well recognise some of these.

The scripted message

A typical scripted connection message goes something like this:-

‘Hello Jules, my name is xxxxx and I am looking to expand my network with quality contacts. Would you be open to connecting?’

This is just a little lacking in substance because I still don’t really know why they want to connect. Sometimes this varies to say – ‘we share the same connections.’ And this has the same feel to it as well.

I’ve also heard LinkedIn experts say don’t send messages – no-one reads them and who has time for that anyway. Now of course this is your choice but for me I just think a little time, care and uniqueness goes a very long way.

Buy Me!

There are some who sell to me straight away ⛔. Please do not do that!

Why not join my facebook group instead – that’s all about selling Live it, Love it, Sell it with Jules White, it may help you to see sales in a different way.

Yes I sold back, but in a very gentle nurturing way…!

Like Me / Endorse Me

There are some who invite me to like their page or join their group straight away, and on occasion I have had people endorse me who I have never met! Flattering but also not really relevant as how do you know that I’m good at cake making…?

I don’t know you yet and I don’t think I will ever need to drink gin on a menopausal retreat..! Well not just yet anyway – never say never!

You assumed a lot.


There are some who I never see or hear from again – where did you go and why did you come in the first place..? Mysterious, but I will stop looking for you at some point!

It’s clear I have so many questions about how we behave on social media.

It’s fair to say it can be a confusing, noisy, overwhelming place.

So my ramblings and thoughts about living life online are as follows:-

Send that message

I love the connections who send a message to say why they’d like to connect as that’s what I do. As I mentioned above, make the message genuine and unique, not a scripted message or one that is a cut and paste that is sent to everyone else you’re connecting to. It’s kind of obvious.

I connect very much based on my gut reaction, my intuition and maybe it’s also a spontaneous moment. A great post, or article/blog – just that moment when you truly feel like they are someone you would like to know more about. Someone that resonates with you, that gets you – maybe they have shared the same experience and yet you would never ordinarily have met!


It is still real life!

I guess we are always learning but for me I want to be social on social media and I always liken it to real life; who you meet online is who you would absolutely meet in real life when it comes to me.

Let me ask you this…if you walked into a bar…

Would you ignore anyone who spoke to you?

Would you smile and put your thumbs up with no comment as you stood with someone in conversation?

Would you put your business card into someone’s hand without finding anything out about them?

What’s your magic?

The fact is we are all unique and we all have a choice as to exactly how we behave and present ourselves to the world. That is without doubt the most magic thing about all of us and the human race. Our very own UHP – Unique Human Proposition® There is no-one else on the planet like you. NOWHERE.

But, how often do we hide behind who we really are because we are fearful of whether people will like who we really are. Because people say we can’t use those words anymore and people don’t like things done in that way anymore!

It’s only words

The latest I read on LinkedIn is that telling people ‘how you help them’ in your intro is now overused, boring and not ‘cool’.

But I like helping people…it’s a great word. Who doesn’t want some help. If you don’t want to connect with me because of a word then we are not meant to connect. Another tip on this subject is to wait for everyone to change that word because someone said they should, and then leave yours as ‘I help people’ and you will be the only one again! Simple.

I confess now and put it out there to you all, I use the following phrases and words…



I HELP people

LOVE – I overuse this word so much. I love many things, yes read the comments I make and listen to my podcast – I LOVE everything and everyone! I do not apologise for loving the word LOVE!

And I do not apologise for being ME. It’s taken me 50 years to love who I am and I love the connections I am making now because, guess what, they too are like me! Yes…that’s often why we connect.


Never stop being authentic, unique and never stop loving to help people! Very pleased with myself that I got all of those words in one sentence, but not to trigger the people who are getting hung up on words, I promise. I wrote it like this because this is how I wanted to best express what I truly think.

It’s time to be socially YOU and NEVER fear that you won’t be liked, heard or listened to – you will be all of those things, by the right people. 

So, hello – I am Jules White and I would love to find out more about you, chat a little, maybe even share a tea (builders with sugar) and a slice of cake (or maybe you’d prefer a touch of alcohol as we are in the festive season!)

Let’s connect and see if you like how it feels to be uniquely human and we can say we met online.

Find out more about the UHP programme right here and thank you for reading this far!

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Four years on… https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/four-years-on/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/four-years-on/#comments Sun, 01 Dec 2019 20:52:48 +0000 https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/?p=207658 For 4 weeks I sat every day next to my wonderful Dad. He was in the beautiful Willen Hospice and these 4 weeks were the last of his life. I knew that, but had actually been told when he went in that it would be 7 – 10 days at best. What I did know was that I would be there every day, all day with him. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Dad arrived and was put in a room at the back of the hospice which over looked the car park and even though that doesn’t sound that great, it was warm and cosy and private and I knew straight away that there was something special about the hospice.

I have to tell you that the previous day had been really traumatic. Dad had been coping really well at home, having been diagnosed with leukaemia, but that particular morning when I went he was still in bed. He was confused, he had a gash on his head and he kept asking where Mum was and crying. We had lost Mum in 2012 – 3 years prior. I was very worried. He had changed and I knew it was time to call in help so I phoned the district nurse. She came over very quickly assessed Dad and then rang the hospice to see if they could take him. They had a bed and the ambulance came over to the bungalow.

Dad refused to go and was very upset and when they finally carried him into the back of the ambulance he shouted at me and told me I was sending him to die. This was very tough, but putting it into perspective I knew he never meant a word.

So with Dad settled into his room I went home feeling relieved and knew that I had done the best thing for him. The following day they had a lovely room become available which overlooked Willen lake in all it’s glory. Dad thought it was marvellous and told everyone that he now had a room with a sea view! Over the coming days he also told everyone that it was the best hotel he had ever stayed in!

He ordered omelette most evenings for dinner and the lady in the kitchen brought it to him specially cooked, just as he liked it and the doctors began to be a little baffled as Dad’s days turned into weeks. At one point they did talk to me about him maybe needing to come back home, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to look after him and ultimately he was at the end of his life no matter how he was presenting himself.

You see my Dad was a force to be reckoned with. He was a beautiful energy that always showed up with a smile and aiming to please. Most mornings when I arrived at the hospice he would have a group of nurses gathered around his bed who he would be telling stories to. Dad at his best during the last days of his life.

By the time I arrived he was usually exhausted and he spent most of our time together sleeping, but I sat and chatted to him, read to him, took his bets to the bookmakers. He only bet pennies, but he liked to go every day – that was his social life after mum died. So when he was in the hospice and he couldn’t go, he sent me. He could no longer write and he didn’t talk much at this stage so I knew he was deteriorating. I said to him one day that he didn’t need to bet pennies any more, and why didn’t he put a big bet on the horses. Take a proper gamble and feel the buzz, but he was happy with the pennies and that’s how it stayed.

Having returned from the bookmakers we sat together and watched the race on the TV in his room. It was a really exciting race and his horse came in first (he often won) and it was 16/1. I knew that was good and I turned to him and said, ‘Dad what did you win?’

‘£2.87’ he said quickly and clearly. He was always a genius with numbers! That did make me smile because the whole pleasure in betting was not how much he won, but the excitement of whether he would win.

I lost Dad at 4.56am on the 2nd December 2015. Just over 4 weeks after he arrived at the hospice.

Grief is something that is a personal experience for every individual. We all do it differently and the circumstances of our grief can also be so different. I don’t write this lightly as I can’t speak for other people, but there have been a few key things that I have realised over the last four years as I come to the anniversary of losing my darling Dad.

It’s OK to cry

I stopped crying after I lost my Mum and that was a big mistake. Once I had lost Dad I realised that crying was a great release for me. It was necessary for me to feel better and actually get things back into perspective. It’s ok to feel sad and sorry as long as you don’t stay in the moment for too long. Which brings me on to my next realisation…

Don’t stay in your sadness

I watched the most wonderful TEDx talk by Holly Matthews. If you don’t follow her – then please do follow her, and definitely watch her talk here. It really resonated with me and made me think about her words. Simply put, she talks about not staying in victim mode because, whilst there, you can’t move on. It is possible to move on to happiness again and this talk really helps us to see that when you listen to her story.

Appreciate what you had

I felt that when I was at my saddest it was because I was worried about how I was going to cope and whether I could actually survive without my parents. It was all about me. What I learnt was that I can survive and I also have people around me who want me to survive. I have a purpose and I can enjoy and love what I do – more importantly Mum and Dad would have been so proud of what I have achieved. I am able to now talk about and remember what great times I had with them and how lucky I was to have them as my wonderful parents. I am luckier than many. I was loved and taught great values and lessons and can always cherish fabulous and happy memories. I appreciate what I had – it is what makes me who I am today.

You never really lose people

You may lose them physically and that’s the tough bit. We all crave the physical connection to our loved ones – the hugs, the conversation, the sharing of emotion, but my Mum and Dad left a legacy and many people who have heard me speak or even worked with me will always experience a sprinkle of my Dad – there’s no such word as can’t – one of his favourite sayings and the legacy he left for me to share with you.

Life is short and we never really know what lies ahead of us. In my TEDx talk, which you can watch here, not only can you hear about my journey, you can also hear that I truly believe that life is about the choices we make. We always have a choice as to how we react to whatever happens to us, and again I will say that this doesn’t mean that our choices are easy.

This last week was hard. I was low and I felt incredibly sad, however when I put this in perspective I feel incredibly lucky to be able to tell the world about my wonderful Mum and Dad and how they helped create the opportunities that I now create for myself.

I will never be the same after losing my parents, but I choose to take everything they gave me to live the best life I can live.

Sending lots of love to everyone who resonates with this and please do connect if you ever need to chat.

My dear friend Karen Ramsay-Smith has set up the most amazing group on Facebook for anyone who is really struggling – here is the link. You are very welcome there, and the group is called #loveYOUmore.

I hope this has helped just a few of you to know that you are never alone. 

Ta ta for now

Jules x


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August – curse of the year, or is it? https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/august-curse-of-the-year-or-is-it/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/august-curse-of-the-year-or-is-it/#respond Wed, 23 Oct 2019 21:08:24 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207114 Some of you may know that I have worked in many different sectors throughout my sales career – banking, stainless steel, advertising, digital marketing, retail, incentives, hospitality, venues, exhibitions, and more. I would say that 95% of the roles I had saw August as the quiet time of the year, the month of doom! The time when people went on holiday, when everyone shuts down, and when people just weren’t very interested in doing business.

The smart businesses make a contingency plan for those quieter months but even with great planning it can still feel like it’s the month we dread in business. So I thought what can I do to brighten everyone’s month this August, and I came up with a few thoughts for you.

Instead of seeing this as a quiet time when we feel a little lost or we don’t feel like we can generate any business, here’s how we can turn August into a very smart month and a great use of our time. Have a look at my August Inspirations:-


I know some people have different year ends in the business accounting sense – my financial year actually ends in August and starts in September so this fits in well for me – but there is no doubt psychologically we work from Jan to December, so 1st August still leaves us with almost half a year left. If you don’t look at your strategy on a regular basis then this is a great month to do so. Not only do you possibly have some more time to do it and a clearer mind, but you have a whole 7 months of data from the current year to look at and see how everything has been working. Review what has worked well and make a point of thinking about who you need to reconnect with.  What is your strategy currently and is it working? How can you add value to it and what needs to stop and what can you start? You will feel really motivated when you have done this – a similar feeling you get from a spring clean, only it’s your summer clean.


I’m not sure how much you invest in yourself but we all deserve to do that and in turn it means we are always improving.  Never stand still.  August is a great month to dedicate some time to learn and to grow, so look at how you can invest in yourself and of course the knock on effect is that your clients will benefit too from your expanding knowledge. Read books, listen to podcasts, invest in coaching, and attend events. Every one of these actions will add value for you and for your clients, so don’t miss any chances to learn in our lovely month of August.


As I have said August is generally a quieter month but that also means that you may find that the clients who aren’t on holiday are also in a quieter spell too!  What a great opportunity to have more relaxed conversations with them because they have got time to chat and in turn you have time to build stronger and greater relationships.  I always think the August chats and coffee meet ups are a great time to really step into the world of your client and get to know what their current challenges are, and what they really need as your ideal audience. Seek out the people who aren’t on holiday and help them to fill up their diary with meet ups and maybe even invite them to come to events that you are going to attend. This is a great way to spend some quality time with them, away from the office environment.


I love it when I have time to actually write and share great content, but there are not many of the months when I have the luxury, so often I steal time in the early morning, evenings and weekends. However, August is a time where I can have the luxury of being able to write. Whether it’s blogs, talks, content for my website or even new modules for my sales training, all of this is not time wasted because this is ultimately content I will share. Writing is a great way to show your authority on your subject and you will also continue to be visible throughout the quieter times. The secret is don’t disappear during August – keep showing up! Get visible as I say in the ‘Sell it’ part of my book ‘Live it Love it Sell it’, and always come from a place of giving expecting nothing in return, and that is what you gain from writing.

Now it will be no surprise to you all that those few little drops of August Inspiration spell out the word SLOW! I know, clever eh! And for many of us it sums up how August feels, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be a month of strategy, learning, opportunities and writing, and I for one feel quite excited about the possibilities that our lovely month of August brings.

So GO SLOW now!

Happy August

If you are interested in my August Inspirational 90 min breakthrough sessions which will help with all of the above, then why not either book a virtual cuppa to discuss



Just do it and book your session at the amazing special August deal of £149 for 90 minutes with a real Dragon Slayer, instead of the normal £199


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When do you want to start? – 5 things to remember when ‘closing’ the sale. https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/when-do-you-want-to-start-5-things-to-remember-when-closing-the-sale/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/when-do-you-want-to-start-5-things-to-remember-when-closing-the-sale/#comments Wed, 23 Oct 2019 19:35:32 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207079 I thought it was about time I wrote a blog on ‘closing’ the sale. It always amuses me how much advice there is out there about the ‘techniques’ you can use to close the sale. I personally don’t even like to call it a ‘close’ – it feels so final. Let’s call it ‘how to start a business relationship’. Yes that’s better.

Just for fun let’s look at the ‘closes’ that are out there if you wanted to ask google how you should do business…these are just a few, and for the fun of it I’ve put my interpretation next to them all !

The hard close – nothing to lose because your customer doesn’t want to buy

The puppy dog close – you have nowhere else to go but to beg

The relationship close – you are hoping that they like you because that’s all you’ve got

The urgency close – you think you should bully them into buying – that will work !

The backwards close – you missed some stuff so you’re going back to the beginning and trying again

Yes, they really do have these names and you are being taught to close this way, and yes, I despair !

Whilst I write with an air of sarcasm, I genuinely believe that there is actually only one way to secure the business that has any substance to it, and this can only be used if you have taken your prospect on the sales journey, or ‘road trip’. This is the also known as the ‘assumptive close’, or if I had to call it a close I would call it the ‘human close’ 

Why? Because this way is the most natural, confident method you have if it is done correctly. Why wouldn’t you assume your prospect will want to do business if you have done all the other things right.

If you take one thing away from this blog it is this, you cannot expect to do business with someone if you haven’t done the right things from the very beginning of this relationship. The key thing is you have to know WHY your prospect is going to buy. If you really know this then the rest is easy.

You will find many of my vlogs and blogs which will help you with the elements needed on your sales ‘road trip’.

So here are the big things to remember when securing business. There are just a few and this is not complicated.

1. Take your prospect on a journey

You have to start at the beginning and fully understand why your prospect is going to buy. This involves making sure they have the Money, Authority and Need, asking them questions that give you the answers as to what exactly their challenge is, and understanding their motivation to buy. Remember if you know the questions to ask, when to ask them, why you are asking them, and how you ask them you are winning already.

Look out for my blog on ‘5 bums on the rugby posts’ coming soon.

2. Clarify as you go

You may have heard of the saying – always closing; well this really means remembering to clarify all the way through the conversation. It means you are always checking with the prospect that they are with you on that journey and that you understood correctly what they have told you. You will hear me talk about closed questions – they can be answered with yes and no, and are predominantly used for confirmation. When you are building rapport and trust these questions come into play. If your prospect is confirming throughout the whole process then not only do they see that you understand their needs; it is also much easier to make an action plan to do business at the end of your conversation. When any doubts creep in you will be aware of them as you go, not at the end. Less objections to handle.    

3. Be confident

If you are not confident how can your prospective client be? Don’t hesitate, don’t pussy foot, do not make it sound like you are nervous about doing business. Your confidence comes from the relationship you have built already. You know why they have a challenge, you know why they want to buy, you know that your solution will solve their problem, you know they have the money, the authority and the need…so ask them for the business.

4. Make it human

You can find anything you want on google these days and I promise that you can find every way possible to close if you search for it. What google won’t give you is the unique person that YOU are. The language you will use, the way that you ask for something is your own way and is in context with the meeting you have just had. Google doesn’t know how you are feeling that day, google doesn’t know what your prospect has said and how they are feeling. I’m guessing you can see where I’m going with this.

Be you – ask for the business in your language, in your way. This is the reason why someone will buy, because not only do you have the solution they need, but you have built rapport. If you suddenly asked for the business in a scripted, bizarre way, they will know that it sounds fake, and it could finish everything you have worked hard to build. Trust me, you will find a way that is very unique to you and this is the way you should ask for the business. Speaking of which…

5. Ask for the business

I know, I saved the obvious one until last! But, guess what? many sales people walk away from a meeting and don’t ask for the business. More than you think. Why would they do that? Well there are a couple of reasons – they haven’t taken the person on the journey with them is the first reason, and so they are not quite sure if they are going to buy. This leads to a lack of confidence which means that they start to feel the ‘escape syndrome’ come on. They need to cut and run, they can’t stay in the meeting or on the call any longer as they feel out of control, and so to ask for the order at this point is very tough. Actually if you have missed something – go back and explore it with the prospect, and if you really feel that the prospect is not going to buy and you can’t go back for whatever reason – ask anyway and at least you will have closure and you will know the reasons why. It is great development for you as a salesperson. Learn from every meeting, because they won’t all run smoothly.   

I hope these few suggestions have helped and given you something to think about. I’ll leave you with one last thought. When you are with your friends, your partner, your children, and you want something from any of them, what do you do…? You ask for what you want in your very own unique way. Time to transfer those life skills into the business environment – they are completely aligned.

Happy selling !

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What They Don’t Tell You About Sales – The Missing Link https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/what-they-dont-tell-you-about-sales-the-missing-link/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/what-they-dont-tell-you-about-sales-the-missing-link/#respond Tue, 30 Jul 2019 21:01:57 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207110 Have you ever come across that one great salesperson?

You know the one.

They have great energy, they hit every target, they create great deals, and they just make sales look easy. Yes, I am sure I am describing someone you have on your team or someone you may have worked with in the past; and no, I don’t mean the cheeky, brash one either!

So what is their secret?

Hold that thought – I want to come back to this.

Systems & Processes – What We Know

I know that there are several well-known and easy to recognise sales processes and systems around. Maybe you have been trained in some of these methods yourself, or heard other people talk about them – SPIN, Challenger, Sandler, Miller Heiman to name but a few.

All have positioned themselves as being great in certain selling situations from complex sales to basic formulas to take a customer through the buyer’s journey. Interestingly, most of them were created in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with The Challenger Sales process being launched a bit more recently.

It’s incredible that these processes are still in use and talked about today, yet the world was so very different when they were launched – even the Challenger model is 8 years old now. A lot has happened!

Transactional selling – The future landscape

You may think I’m about to launch into why none of these methods work and why you shouldn’t use them, however, I hope you will think that what I am going to share next is rather more interesting than that!

You see, businesses need systems, frameworks, processes, and order – or whatever words you prefer to use. Without any of these in place, we can get lost, be less productive, make mistakes, and when making strategy, we won’t be truly working in alignment if we don’t have this order in place.

Every business should be consistently delivering the same message throughout every element of their business, especially their people.

Most businesses will have chosen a sales process they like and then stick to it. For me, this is the transactional element of sales and the bit that is trusted, hopefully, brings results and is constant in the selling journey. 

But what if…

You could get better results than you currently achieve
You could add a powerful element that will help you stand out from the crowd
You could still have all your systems, frameworks, and processes, but be unique and exceptional

All of the above would mean improvement not only in your revenue but also in your brand positioning, your customer experience and your reputation.

Are you feeling excited yet?

I hope so, because what I am about to tell you has the potential to change the future landscape of sales.

The missing link

Having over 30 plus years of sales experience and training (some of which included the methods mentioned above), I always felt that there was an element missing.

When I created ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ I discovered exactly what that missing link was because I traced back what I had done during all of these years to hit every target, and overachieve consistently in sales. Regardless of the training I had received.

The missing link was ‘ME’ – yep! Uniquely me. I naturally created great conversations, used emotional intelligence and built strong relationships. There were systems and processes in place, but it was never the overriding factor in my successful sales deals – the emotional connection was intuitive and came easily to me.

For some people, this won’t feel so easy at first, but this ‘missing link’ can be taught to anyone and is an integral part of my training so that teams learn to understand how to weave ‘emotional magic’ into their transactional processes.

You see, every one of us have these innate skills, they just need re-igniting, and when the awareness is created around our natural abilities, we then become unique salespeople who are consistent to our business brand.

How truly wonderful is that? 

This is special and should be taken seriously by your business because the sales landscape is getting even more exciting than ever before. For example, as we move into the future, we are seeing incredible developments around AI. These advances may feel scary but realistically will shake up the existing transactional frameworks. With emotional education added to the mix, plus the insights that AI give us, for the next 5-10 years at least, businesses who combine all three will have a massive advantage.

The emotional glue™

Live it Love it Sell it is the ‘emotional glue’™ that brings everything together for your sales force. I work with you to weave the magic of human connection into the sales process you already have. I honestly believe this is the best work I’ve ever done and is a game-changer.

Don’t be left behind just sticking to what you think are ‘safe’ transactional processes that you’ve trusted up to now – understand that it’s the ‘emotional glue’™ that will actually become your real future USP – because your USP is your people – they are unique and special.

In fact, we have already moved from USP (coined in the 1940s to determine how you are different from the competition) to UVP – Unique Value Proposition. Today we can strive to have a UHP – Unique Human Proposition™, and that’s what I will create with you in your business through Live it Love it Sell it.

So I’d like to leave you with this – let’s go back to the question that I asked at the very beginning of this article.

Have you ever come across that one great salesperson?

They have great energy, they hit every target, they create great deals, and they just make sales look easy.

So what is their secret?

They understand the ‘emotional glue’™ that brings everything together, and that is what makes them unique.

My corporate sales program allows me to work within your business as part of your business for at least 6 months because it’s the only way to Live it Love it and Sell it.  If you want to be part of the exciting future sales landscape, we are now on the verge of entering, then let’s have a human conversation, or as I like to say a good chat over a ‘virtual cuppa’!

Here’s to putting HUMANITY back into selling!

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The wonderful experience of TEDx https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/the-wonderful-experience-of-tedx/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/the-wonderful-experience-of-tedx/#respond Sun, 24 Mar 2019 21:00:11 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207105 I first met Toby Moore on Thursday 28th June at Helen Packham’s fabulous event ‘Entrepreneurial Leaders Live’ in Brighton. I was very lucky to have been chosen to talk at Helen’s first ever live event and what a day we had. I told my story and was totally inspired by all the other speakers that day, one of which was Toby. I must just let you know that Toby is the curator for TEDx Brighton which is one of the largest TEDx events in Europe. 1500 people go to see the TEDx talks at the Brighton Dome so it is a pretty amazing event.


At Helen’s event he had mentioned that he had loved my talk and it had resonated with him – which was a huge compliment. We connected on social media and the next time I saw him was on a day workshop about speaking down in Brighton in September. I felt really deflated that day as I just didn’t believe I would be able to do this speaking thing – strange as one of my sayings is ‘there is no such word as can’t’, the legacy my dear Dad had left me. I just didn’t feel I had good energy when I was speaking and I certainly didn’t believe that my story was anything special. I’ve since learned that everyone has a story and they are all special and very often extremely inspiring. I just a bad day at the office I guess.

I bought a ticket for TEDx Brighton because I really felt it would be good to watch the speakers and see if I could learn even more about speaking as it was still something I was passionate about doing. I had never had the TEDx experience and I knew it was an aspiration of mine to one day have a TEDx talk of my own – how amazing would that be!

Then on the evening of 19th October I received a message from Toby. He said, ‘In 2016, I gave Helen 48 hours notice to prepare her TEDx talk…But I’m going to offer you 7 days. What do you say?’

My first message back was – ‘are you serious..?!!’ And of course he was – ‘Super serious’, he said!

And so my TEDx adventure started. I had 7 days to prepare my talk. My talk was 14 minutes. Out of those 7 days I was recording my audiobook and working with clients for 3 days back to back. So really I had about 2 days to prepare my talk and then Toby messaged to say, if you can get down on the day before that would be great as we have rehearsals…!

That week I travelled down from Milton Keynes on the Wednesday evening, a 2 hour journey, to stay with my friend in Tunbridge Wells, and on the Thursday morning I drove to Brighton and settled in for two of the most amazing days of my life. What a fantastic experience.

Our theme was ‘Adventures and Journeys’ and I found myself amongst the most inspirational people. I felt a complete fraud. How could my story possibly be interesting amongst these wonderful tales of adventure, survival and bravery?

Adventurers who had climbed Everest, a guy who was part of the WWF who spoke about polar bears, a blind footballer who played for England, A young man who was just 16 that day! and incredibly inspiring, who showed a video he had made of a homeless man in Brighton, speakers who had all been on wonderful journeys, and had great stories.

Sophie Cook who talked about being suicidal every day because she was born as a man and was always a woman, such a touching story. She became the first transgender woman to work in football’s Premier League as club photographer for AFC Bournemouth following her transition from Steve to Sophie in the summer of 2015. I am proud to call her my friend.

Kittie Kipper – Marine plastic is killing our planet and our wildlife. Kittie’s artwork is 100% made of waste found while cleaning British beaches. She is totally dedicated to the cause when it comes to educating us about plastics and the huge impact they have on our planet, and what we can do about it.

Ben Clench who literally took my breath away with his tragic story. He went to visit his girlfriend in Haiti, where they were involved in traffic accident. Ben’s girlfriend was killed and he was left with a brain injury and pretty much told he wouldn’t be able to do very much at all if he even survived. He has since done a Masters, been to Glastonbury and stood on the Brighton stage that day and delivered an amazing TEDx talk. I felt so very proud of him.

And more – 17 of us in total.

That day I made friends for life, because we shared such a wonderful connection and experience together – we were a team. All supporting and cheering each other on.

I had the last slot before lunch and thought that everyone would be so tired and hungry that it would be a graveyard shift! I couldn’t have been more wrong. Toby had said that the TEDx audience was a special one and he was absolutely spot on. From the moment I walked on the stage I realised I couldn’t actually see the audience at all – all I could see was bright lights. Some may think this was going to make it easier, but I am a very visual person and I love to connect to my audience – especially with eye contact. This wasn’t going to be possible, but I noticed something really special. My hearing was enhanced and as I started to talk and tell my story, not only did they laugh with me, and at times cheer me! I could also hear at times intakes of breath as I told them about my journey. What a wonderful connection and what strength and confidence I got from these amazing 1500 people, who I felt really wanted to know about me and how my story would all end.

It was a truly inspiring day and I felt very proud that I managed to produce and deliver a talk in such a short timescale – and am secretly glad that I was under that pressure – it clearly works for me. I only had 2 weeks when I was on Dragons’ Den!

So what did I learn? My key take aways from TEDx Brighton were these

We all have a story

Great people make a great audience

Always be visible and amazing opportunities can come your way

It’s an event that bonds the speakers in a very special way

There is no such word as can’t

If I had the chance to do it all again…yes absolutely I would, and now the video is out I am enjoying wonderful messages from complete strangers who have been inspired by my story, and before the video even came out I had two bookings for speaking events which I am very excited about this summer.

If you have a dream to do a TEDx talk then just do it. You will have done something very special and it will be something that will truly help you to grow and become an even better version of you.

Here are the talks from TEDx Brighton 2018

Here is my talk from TEDx Brighton 2018

Please like and comments share any of the talks as this will help us to inspire the world.

Thank you for your support.

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2018 – Why was it such a special year? https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/2018-why-was-it-such-a-special-year/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/2018-why-was-it-such-a-special-year/#comments Sun, 16 Dec 2018 20:54:45 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207101 Tomorrow sees the anniversary of the day I said goodbye to my beautiful father. His funeral was a celebration – his request – and I whole heartedly backed him on that. His life was absolutely something to celebrate. He was my hero. I stood tall and proud when I read the eulogy to the wonderful people who came to pay their respects that day, and all I wanted was to make sure all of them found out a little bit more about my Dad that they didn’t already know. They did!

So what has that got to do with 2018?

After Dad died I became very isolated. Some of my closest friends became distant ones, and I lost a very dear friend, who was my rock, to pancreatic cancer. A real shock as she was gone within 4 weeks. I felt more alone than I had ever felt in my life. Then came a redundancy from a job that, honestly I wasn’t enjoying anyway, and actually I saw a shimmer of hope. I had three months salary and needed to make one of the most important decisions I had for a long time.

Those who know my story will know that 10 years ago in 2008, I lost my fantastic business Truly Madly Baby of Dragons’ Den fame. Something that was such a shame as it didn’t need to happen in the way it did, it was actually a successful business. From that moment on there followed 10 years of loss, heartache, bereavement, disappointment, challenges and at times utter loneliness. In 2017 when I was sat unemployed and very much alone, I took stock.

Life was passing by. What did I truly want to do? What did I love? I had worked for various companies after losing Truly Madly Baby, and some of those experiences were incredibly valuable as I was always learning. Some of those experiences were set backs, made me very sad, unfulfilled and frustrated. ‘There must be more to life than this?’ was a question I asked myself regularly.

It was time to go it alone again. In 2008 so many people urged me to set up another business again but I was exhausted. I had no spirit left and I had a little boy who needed to become my priority for so many reasons. But in 2017 it was time. 9 years had gone by and I was ready.

One day on a Skype call with my old Yellow Pages boss, Michael Schofield, I was telling him that I had started my own coaching business. He too was a coach and had been for 7 years. He asked me, ‘what are you going to coach?’ I told him – everything, anything, everybody! And then started to list all the subjects I could deal with – after all I had been through pretty much everything!

His question inspired me to start a journey of success that I could never have imagined, and it was this…

‘Why didn’t you mention sales? You were excellent at sales.’

I had been in sales for over 30 years, why would I want to coach sales?!

Because that is what I was really good at. Because that was actually what I truly loved. Because I knew that all of the training and coaching out there focusing on sales was missing something absolutely critical. The art of human conversation, and that life skills are sales skills. The very same ones that all of us have and know!

From that moment I haven’t looked back.

In 2018 I pushed beyond comfort zones that no-one would have realised. I had almost been a recluse. I wasn’t really going out and I certainly wasn’t meeting people – it was much safer that way! From the very start in January, I went out and opened the year with a speaking event, and then another, and another, and a workshop, and 1-2-1 coaching and at the same time continued to write my book. Checking in with the fantastic Gayle Johnstone every month to keep myself accountable. I built up my online community through social media and started to network offline with local entrepreneurs.

I told my story and found that people were inspired by it – never imagining why they would be. I worked with corporates, crafters, entrepreneurs from all walks of life and more speaking opportunities came along. I worked with charities, young people, volunteered to work with school children and started to travel further afield and speak, again and again.

In October I launched my book – Live it, Love it, Sell it. A book I never imagined I could write, let alone one I would complete, but with support and determination and hard work, complete it I did.

What followed in just a couple of months was truly a dream come true. I was offered a chance to speak at TEDx Brighton, the largest TEDx in Europe, in front of 1500 people, as a speaker had dropped out and I had 7 days to prepare. What a truly inspiring and humbling day to be on stage with the people I met – true heroes and hopefully some friends for life. I was then approached to be a judge on the National Business Women’s Awards and also presented an award at the event at Wembley in December.

My book moved between No.1 and No.2  in Amazon’s Hot New Releases chart for a month, and I also completed my audio book which should be live in the next week in time for Christmas.

Just days before I wrote this blog I found out I was a finalist in the 2019 SME Awards, and that in January 2019 I would be travelling to Boston to coach a corporate sales team there. I will begin 2019 as an International Sales Coach.

And breathe!

So what’s in this blog for you…?

Simply this – a handful of simple messages from me, and my Dad, to you the reader.

  • Focus on what you love
  • Always be learning
  • Surround yourself with the best people – choose wisely
  • You are built from every mistake you make
  • You always have a choice

And the best is saved for last

There is no such word as can’t

Happy Christmas to you and here’s to a truly inspirational 2019.


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Think like a buyer https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/think-like-a-buyer/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/think-like-a-buyer/#respond Sat, 10 Nov 2018 20:52:18 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207097

Excerpt taken from my book ‘Live it Love it Sell it’

Before we think more about what sales is all about, let’s step into the world of the buyer for a moment.

What is it like to buy from you?

Why would I want to buy from you?

What do you give me as a solution?

I’ll talk about this too in the other parts of the book, especially when I come to talk about the concept of your ‘ideal client’. For now, though, let’s address this from where this sales road trip all begins. I want to really conquer mindset. We have to be fit to travel, and if our mindset is playing any tricks on us whatsoever, we cannot move forward in the way we need to and sell in a human way.

So how do you possibly think like a buyer when you are selling? That takes a whole lot of effort. There is so much to think about and so much to worry about. And what if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m not good enough? What if they think I’m too expensive? Oh my goodness, this is so stressful!

One thing I find really interesting is how we seem to forget that we are also buyers! We probably buy almost daily, if not with money, we will buy suggestions from friends, family and especially children!

What happens when we buy?

There really are many reasons why people buy, and I will help you to get to the bottom of your ideal client’s specific ‘why’ later on in the book. For now, we are looking to switch our mindset from panicking about selling and feeling fear to understanding the role of the buyer and taking control. We totally understand how buyers think – we are buyers ourselves!

The list below shows some of the reasons why people will buy.

When you look at the list it’s likely you’ll spot reasons you’ve bought products and services in the past. It’s also likely you’ll see ones that are the reasons why people will buy from you.

  • Save money
  • Greed
  • Happiness
  • Price
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Desire
  • Recommendation
  • Achieve goals
  • Personal gain
  • Save time
  • Because it’s new
  • Bargain
  • Knowledge
  • Scarcity
  • Fear
  • Make something easier
  • Necessity
  • Brand   
  • A thank you
  • Memories

So, all this is a reminder that we know about buying already. It’s not a dark art. Keep it simple. You have a good idea why your client will buy, and you know how you buy, so start using those skills. What’s interesting is that we each have a pattern we follow every time we make a purchase. Yes, it does depend on what you are buying, but the thought processes will tend to be more or less the same for you whether you’re buying a tin of baked beans or a new car.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the most important thing you consider when you make a purchase?

What key thing happens for you to feel comfortable when you buy?

How do you justify a purchase?

In most cases one key word will feature in every buying decision and that word is ‘value’. We like to think we will get value from something when we buy it, whether that’s a beautiful meal from food we’ve bought, feeling fabulous from wearing those new shoes, or learning how to achieve something from the coaching we have bought. Having thought about your answers to the above two exercises, you are now firmly in the world of the buyer! That was easy, wasn’t it?

A buyer’s story

I have been honoured to know some senior buyers at some very large blue chip companies, and whenever we have chatted it is really clear that the battle between a buyer and a seller should never actually be a battle. It’s so true that we often see the buyer as an enemy, and yet isn’t it true that we both actually want to be together? Our buyer is looking for a solution and we are providing a solution – imagine the chemistry when you get this right!

Our conversations together have always concluded that buyers, even in large corporates, still have needs and want good solutions. It’s not all about getting the cheapest deal. It’s a whole lot more than that – they have to consider all aspects, and for that reason, they are more likely to engage with someone who actually cares about all of their needs and understands them. They see the same old mistakes over and over when salespeople come in to sell – pushing to their deadlines and their solutions, and not the buyer’s.

So where does the perception of rivalry come from? It’s most likely to be from trainers who have taught us over the years that it’s survival of the fittest. Buyers are trained to hammer us down on price and have the upper hand! We as salespeople are taught to hold our own and make sure we get the best deal for us. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Guess what?

We are actually both on the same side – really, I promise. Let’s apply some common sense to this. What if the buyer pushes us so hard that the deal they get is actually not good for us? It makes us no money. It takes up a huge amount of our time for no reward. It cuts corners so that we can’t actually properly solve their problem or challenge. Does this make for a good relationship? A good start? Does this mean that this relationship could very likely be a long-term one? Let me help! The answer to all of these questions is NO.

The same applies if the buyer feels like we have overcharged them, didn’t really understand what they needed and pushed them into something they didn’t quite want. They won’t feel like we understood them, and they won’t see real value in what you’re saying. Same questions as above – same answers, NO. And now let’s take this into a life situation. Would you do this kind of deal with a friend or family member and expect to live happily ever after? The answer is NO – because in all of these scenarios we haven’t understood the ‘why’ and stepped into the world of the buyer.

You will see as this book goes on that there are fabulous ways to connect, to step into the buyer’s world and to form worthwhile relationships that are well worth taking the time to build.

It has to be said that we will never sell to everyone, but that’s why when you understand this journey it won’t matter to you, because you will be giving your solution to your ideal client and they will trust you to give them the outcome they need. This is good business, and the key is to walk away from business that doesn’t serve you. Brave but smart.

‘People buy people; people buy people they trust.’

Happy Selling

If you enjoyed this excerpt you can buy the full version of the book at www.liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/product/book

Or if you prefer Kindle or Audible – check out Amazon goo.gl/GScRgs

More about the author – Jules White on www.liveitloveitsellit.co.uk

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Mum https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/mum/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/mum/#respond Wed, 03 Oct 2018 19:42:58 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207087 What is a mum? No two Mums are the same and I can only tell you about my mum – because she was mine and something very special.

We had been told in January 2012 that Mum had advanced liver cancer and she would have 6 months at best. We finally got her home from hospital on March 1st. We walked her up the garden the day after she got home and sat on the bench in the spring sun, taking in their pretty garden in full glory – it was just coming alive, but sadly my beautiful Mum was fading fast. She didn’t go out again and day by day I was losing my amazing, lovely, funny, strong Mum.

Our final day up and chatting, all be it slowly as she was so very tired, was Sunday18th March 2012 – Mother’s Day. I remember going to buy her presents wondering what on earth to buy. She was so poorly and I knew it was only a matter of days. She wouldn’t want anything. She couldn’t enjoy anything. I settled for a set of lovely Elizabeth Arden creams which I rubbed into her feet her hands and her arms every day; and a pretty blanket which she had over her till the day she finally fell asleep for the last time. We still have ‘Nana’s blanket’ and use it when we feel we need a virtual hug.

On the Monday morning after Mother’s Day, Dad called me at work, slightly panicked to say that he couldn’t get Mum out of bed. Up until now he had refused help from the district and Macmillan nurses as he wanted to look after mum himself. He was 81 and fit as a fiddle. I gave him strict instructions to call the nurses – he now needed them, and told him I was on my way.

By the time I arrived around lunchtime the nurses were there and mum was comfortable in bed but sleeping.

She didn’t wake up until Thursday, but every day I sat, played her music, chatted to her and kissed her, hugged her and did anything I could to make her feel better. Sadly I was never going to be able to do that, but when Andrea Bocelli’s beautiful voice filled the bedroom from the playlist I made for her, her eyebrow would gently lift in appreciation of the music she completely loved !

The last time we saw her awake was a fabulous memorable moment on that Thursday – she sat up, fresh as a daisy. Looked straight at me and asked where she was – I told her she was home. She asked why she was in bed – I told her she hadn’t been very well. She then asked if there was any chance of a Bacardi and coke. It was mid morning !! And the best thing happened; we fetched her one and gave her a little drop to taste – her face was a picture and she relished every single bit of that taste. It was a wonderful moment in amongst dreadful despair and heartbreak of losing the one person I could completely trust and had loved unconditionally all my life. My safe place.

Two days later, on 24th March, I lost my beautiful, kind, selfless Mum.

The thing is….I never have really lost her, because she is always in my heart. She is everywhere around my house and I talk to her, out loud, most, if not every day. I like to think she still hears me and I like to think she still hugs me when I need it.

It’s been 6 years since I saw her, touched her, kissed her, actually chatted to her. It feels like forever, but also like only yesterday that I sat with her as she faded away.

I hope if you still have your Mum in your life you will hug her, kiss her and tell her you love her and appreciate her today on Mother’s Day and every day. As a Mum myself I realise just how much she loved me and I am blessed to have had such a wise, amazing, strong and loving mother.

I love you Mum – always xxx

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The Human Conversation https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/the-human-conversation/ https://liveitloveitsellit.co.uk/the-human-conversation/#respond Fri, 04 May 2018 20:50:20 +0000 https://wordpress-217420-1032398.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=207093 My podcast – The Human conversation is all about business, sales, relationship in business and discussions about how to fall in love with sales !

Tune in for business learning, guest experts, and virtual cuppas with entrepreneurs ! It’s going to be a great conversation !

See more here

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