Jules White is now successfully established on the speaking circuit with her talks focusing on business, sales and her inspirational journey from Dragons’ Denwinner to International Sales Coach working globally with entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporates.

As an International Sales Coach, her Live it Love it Sell it methodology is all about the human conversation and connection – not the typical pushy sleazy sales image that has not quite left us all and still haunts some of us! Her story is inspiring and she leaves the audience feeling empowered and ready to make a difference in whatever they are doing.

Her Amazon best selling book Live it Love it Sell it is also changing opinionsand outcomes with her mission to un-train anyone who has been trained to sell, one she takes seriously.  We already know how to sell because life skills are sales skills!

Speaking Testimonials

“Brought tears, laughter, thoughtfulness, reflection, empathy and more. Feel lucky to have been in the room.” – Entrepreneurial Leaders Live 2018

“It was lovely to meet you and hear your powerful story. You rock.” – Ann Daniels, Polar Explorer

“Such an engaging and natural speaker” – TedX Brighton 2018

Jules energy is electric, her smile is contagious, and her insights are tremendous.“ – Jordan Gross New York 2019


Jules in action...

My own sales journey started early in life. My father ran the local newsagents so, from a young age, I watched him dutifully assist his customers. He knew everyone’s names, and what they liked; he provided an excellent customer experience, and he successfully grew the business year on year. He served the community beautifully, and in turn, his customers were loyal.

For my dad, it was always about the customer. He understood their world. And it is from here that I fell in love with the art of sales.

What I learnt from my dad during my childhood became second nature to me, so being authentic in my dealing with other people was all I ever knew how to do.

Since then not only have I gained 30 years of my own experience in business and sales, selling everything from baby products to stainless steel to Yellow Pages. But I’ve also secured investment from Peter Jones in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den when I faced the dragons head on and walked away smiling with a winning deal!

Along the way, I have come across many sales myths, and it is my life mission to slay them all, so you too can help more people, make more sales, and create beautiful lasting relationships.

‘Live it, Love it, Sell it’ is the culmination of all that I have experienced and learned, including the slip-ups, wrong turns and obstacles. 

Because I am the product of every mistake as well as every success I have ever made.

And I want to share that love of sales with you, so you too can live to your fullest potential, and experience your business life flourish.

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